Monday, July 17, 2006

And The Winner of the Triathlon Is....

...The City of Chelan. I know, it sounds weird but it's true because at the very last minute, they denied the promoters of the race, World Endurance Sports, access to their venue due to some "permit errors." Now, I am all for teaching someone a lesson. One must learn from their mistakes and not be taken care of at every turn. HOWEVER, when 2000 other someones are counting on that person to get their act together, and have spent many a blood, sweat, and tear to prepare, not to mention all the money put forth to make sure that one looks good as they crawl towards the finish line, there should be an exception.

I'd like to say that I was devastated to learn that the triathlon had been cancelled, but the truth of the matter is, I was somewhat relieved. I know, I know, I am a coward of the highest order, and while I still think I would have done fine, knowing I didn't have to find out was a welcome surprise. I'd still like to try for another one, especially since I have all the gear for it, but we'll see. I'm a bit gun-shy of the organizers and I would hate to be disappointed (or relieved) again.

I have checked the local events calendar and am happy to report that there are tri's going on all the time. It would certainly be easy to sign up for another one but what was so appealing about the Chelan tri is that it was being held for people doing it for the very first time. To me, that means that some other chubby mama would be charging into the water right along with me, instead of staring down the goggles of some Addonis poured into a black Speedo, biceps and hamstrings a blazin'. It's not that I feel inadequate so much as that I feel TOTALLY inadequate in every possible way.

I had hoped that this post would be all about my efforts in the tri, complete with a picture of me at the finish line, finisher's medallion sparkling around my neck. Instead, I sit here, unshowered, in shorts and a baseball hat, wondering if there are any cookies left hiding in the pantry. Not what I had hoped for but typical nonetheless.

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