Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I had just sat down at the computer tonight to check out the latest on Britney Spears' new baby when the phone rings. I check the caller ID and notice that it's my friend Kim. It can't be, I think to myself, because Kim and her husband Jeff are in Hawaii right now. Why would she call me? Maybe she left her phone with someone else.

It turns out it is Kim and she's calling me from The Cheesecake Factory (my favorite restaurant) from Waikiki Beach (my favorite place.) She tells me that their sitting outside on the patio and the weather is perfect and they're having the best time ever. I am so happy for them. And I hate them.

Not really, but it's like some sick type of torture to know that someone is sitting in the exact place that you wish you were. But they completely deserve such a fun trip and I am thrilled for them, even if I can't help being the teensiest bit envious.

I tell them what to order (Avocado Eggrolls, Thai Lettuce Wraps, Farfalle Pasta with Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic and plain cheesecake with cherries) and wish them well. I am so excited to hear all the details and re-live one of my favorite places with them. I'm also hoping I mature a ton in the next few days so I can stop being so jealous.

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Kim said...

That phone call was the best one I made on my trip! Besides of course the phone calls finding out more and more what my boys are really like when I'm away. My new favorite food is the avocado egg rolls! Ohmigosh they were delicious! Too bad Jeff liked them, too. I only ate 3 of them. And what were they, like 80 points a piece? But who's counting points when you're in Hawaii, right? I decided after that meal to work on my tan instead of my figure because tan fat looks better than white fat. If you're ever in the mood, I'll go with you to Seattle for those egg rolls alone! Not to mention the cheesecake!! Good-bye weight watchers, hello fat rolls, I mean egg rolls!!