Tuesday, September 19, 2006

As Always, The People of Wal-Mart Come Through

I've gotten some grief over my last post because people are telling me that it's not REALLY how I feel about the general population and I guess their right. I am sort of an eternal optimist and I do true to give people the benefit of the doubt which usually ends with me looking like a naive idiot.

For example:

Part of me still thinks that those people who go on "The Bachelor" really are just looking for love and I always seem to think it'll work out happily ever after.

And what if Britney and Kevin really are madly in love and just grossly misunderstood? It could happen.

Perhaps Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are just struggling with their own inner conflict about coming from dysfunctional families and not limelight lovin' shallow greedy whorebags. Right? It must be tough for them.

So it's not just a fascination with pop culture either, although my head is filled with the most random useless pieces of information. (See above.) My point, however, is that I want to believe that people are inately good.

HOWEVER...last night my friend Cindy and I are at Wal-Mart looking for infant decongestant. After checking the regular pharmecutical aisle and not finding it, we headed to the back of the store and the baby department hoping it might be there. As we enter the department, we both notice a grocery cart left unattended, which wouldn't be all the big of a deal except that strapped to that cart is a brand new sleeping baby boy. We both sweep the area with our eyes and realize that there are several people milling about who most likely belong to this baby. But no one claims it. We soon come to realize that all the people wandering around are waiting for this poor child's parents to come back as it's been left on it's own for quite some time. We flag down an employee and explain to them what is going on and she takes the baby to Customer Service to page the parents. Cindy and I agree to wait for the parents to return so we can tell them where their baby is and they can claim him.


I'm trying to remain optimistic but my stomach is telling me that something is terribly wrong. Cindy and I both have a sinking feeling and we leave the area to try and find out what's going on. It was horrible.

I'm sorry to say that we don't really know the end of the story. We saw the employee who helped us on her phone and I believe she said something about the mom being in the bathroom (for a half hour!) and that the police had been called. I keep picturing that baby's face and praying that he is okay and that it really was just a huge misunderstanding but my belief in the good of people has definately been shaken.

So maybe I really do think that people are pitiful. All evidence aside, it's hard to find the good when people flaunt the bad so readily.

At least I still have Paris and Lindsay. They'll do something to restore my faith. I just know it.


Parenting Diva said...

Whoa. Talk about White Trash City. You get your butt back to Walmart and find out what happened and report back to us immediately please!

Heather said...

Seriously, Tiff is right- this is a blog not a cliffhanging novel. There is no way you can get away with not wraping up this crazy plot.