Friday, September 29, 2006

Battle of the Boy Bands

A lot of my girlfriends have been going ga-ga for the new Justin Timberlake album and while I can appreciate JT as much as the next middle-aged housewife, I'm afraid my boy-band loyalties lie with Nick.


He is so pretty. The kind of pretty that makes you want to make him apple pie and iron his pants.

I enjoy "SexyBack" and all that but I'm much more enchanted with something like "What's Left of Me" and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it.

Okay, maybe a little embarrassed but I'm all about some good PR for this gorgeous hunk of ManMeat that was led astray by you-know-who.

He just makes me happy. And smiley. And dreamy. So, so yummy.


Lindsay said...

Oh no you didn't! Those are fighting words, KJO! I'm not saying that Nick Lachey isn't pretty to look at, but he is no JT. As Justin's #1 fan for more years than I care to admit, I think you may be overlooking his amazing singing and dancing skills. Plus he is so freakin' HOT!!!

By the way, who you calling middle-aged housewife? This housewife is in her twenties still, thank you very much! :)

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Ok, I'll relent on a few points. Yes, Justin can dance and no, we're not really middle aged...

BUT, I think Nick is way HOTTER and a better singer! JT can shake it like a polaroid picture, but Nick's still my man.