Saturday, September 09, 2006

She May Be Delayed, But At Least She's Cute

It occurred to me that I never really talk about Sienna in my blog which is silly because she is one quality chick. Since I was adding pictures of the other two I found this one of Sienna and it's perfect. Here's why:

You know how when you have your first child, you are all over those baby books that tell you the ages and stages your child should be at at any given time? I remember with Spencer literally cracking out Chapter 33 of the Parenting Guide for Idiots titled "Your Child's 117th Week of Life: Developmental Milestones to Look For" and going through that chapter like it was some lost section of the Koran, absorbing every word and making sure that Spence was indeed doing everything that he was "supposed" to.

Well, along comes my third child and I can't remember a single age or stage of anything. This came to my realization last weekend when my step-mother-in-law was visting and she ever so kindly pointed out that Sienna should be talking more by now. Really, I thought? She's only 14 months! Doesn't speech come along when their like 3 years old? I had no idea. So now I'm afraid that I am raising a mute and we've been working on oral language all week long.

Sienna likes to walk all over the house (something she's been doing since she was 8 months old by the way so at least she's gifted physically) and get herself in the oddest places. When I saw her wedged in the picture above I said "Sienna, are you stuck?" And she looked at me and said "stuck!" Woohoo, my child's a language rockstar! Now she walks all over the house saying "stuck" and I don't feel like such a loser anymore.

Even more impressive, when she dropped her cracker yesterday, she leaned over and said "uh-oh." Can I count that as one word or two? I'm trying to keep track of her oral language now so I can make a notation in her baby book under the section "Proof That My Mama Loves Me As Much As The Other Two."

And to all those baby experts who waste time concerning themselves with ages and stages, I have only two words for you: 'Stuck' Off.


Anonymous said...

No worries my friend! My brother didn't walk until 18 months and my daughter crawled for the first time at 16 months. No offense to speech therapists but I had to go to one at an old job because I wasn't speaking clearly enough for the elderly clients...and she found something wrong w/ my speech. Go figure!

me said...

Nice KJo, real nice...not that my third child really has like 3 pictures of him or anything. One for each year of his life may I add. Talk about steller parenting skills. No, just kidding, you're not alone, we're all obsessive with the first one, after that, frankly it's a crap shoot! I really do love my kids I promise!
-you know who-

Heather said...

Apparently the $5.00 was good motivation. I like the new format- way to branch out.

Kel said...

I don't know very many 14 month olds who can carry on a conversation! Nick didn't talk until he was 2 years old...have no worries! By the way, Nolan's first word was "uh-oh"! I think he learned it from watching his older brother get into trouble.
Nice pictures of the kids, they are always so darned cute!

eileen said...

That child bears a striking resemblance to The Incredible Hulk. Who cuts her hair? :)

Puerto Rican Princess said...

You're killin' me, Leeners...