Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Off With Their Heads!

Do you ever have those days when you think that the sound of your own children's voice is going to drive INSANE? Like jump off a bridge, shave your head, lock yourself in the closet in search of your 'happy place' insane?

Just wondering.

In other news, I went and saw Marie Antionette on Monday. It is a truly bizarre movie but one that both Megan and I agreed we liked. There is hardly any dialogue, most of the characters don't have any redeeming qualities and the story is both heartbreaking and cruel, but for some reason I still enjoyed it. And I feel bad complaining about my life from time to time when you compare it to someone like poor little Marie. She was married at age 15 to a freaky little man, Louis the 16th, whom she had never seen before and had to leave behind everything and everyone she's ever loved. She is told she can never return to her native Austria and has to live her life loyal to France. Everyone hates her because she is Austrian and they are constantly mean and punishing but the worst part is that she is ridiculed for her inability to produce an heir to the throne even though it's because her whackadoo husband won't come anywhere near her. (How do you say homosexual in French? Le homo...?) Anyway, it's a sad tale with an even sadder ending.

The best part of going out on Monday night was running into Megan's parents at the mall. These are two people that I thoroughly enjoy, largely in part because even though they married extremely young and raised 6 children, they are still completely in love. So much so that when we went into Eddie Bauer to find them after spotting Megan's youngest sister Jordan, we found them in the dressing room. Together. "Changing." It was hilarious.

Megan walks up to the room and knocks on the door and her mom peeps out this barely audbile "hello?" while scrambling to get her shoes on. Jodi is clearly flustered by the situation even though they truly were just trying on clothes, but Larry walks out all how-do-you-do and smiles like he has a very fun little secret. It was classic. I will never forget Jodi's face. At least Larry doesn't struggle like poor Louis.

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Lindsay said...

What a funny situation! I need to meet Megan's parents. I hope I am like that with Jared as I get older as well.