Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stop Crying Already, It's Only Strep Throat

After nearly four hours of constant crying, whining, and dooga-ing, I put Sienna in bed to duke it out with herself because I am on the verge of running away. Far, far away. She cries briefly, then switches to moaning, and finishes with some solid doogaing and now it sounds like she's having a party up there. Laughing, giggling, talking a mile a minute (and by talking, I mean the aforementioned doogaing.) It's like whatever was bothering her has vanished and she is throwing down a tea party for Care Bear and her blankie. It's bizarre to me.

Because of all the noise Sienna was making, Spencer decides to write the following in his journal:

"Sienna is a freak show. I hope she gets better soon."

"Is freak show one word or two," he asks me? Two words, buddy. Two words.

So now I feel awful because Tiffani just called me and told me that she took her and Josh into the Kania Clinic tonight because he has been under the weather and they both have some throat fungus that is apparently going around. Could be strep, could be staph, their not sure yet but the point is, they are sick and feel like crud. Could that explain Sienna's freak show behavior? All that pointing to her mouth (in my defense, she is still cutting four teeth!) and not wanting to eat or drink all that much...could it be because her throat is KILLING HER? I am such a loser.

Stay tuned for updates on our trip to the ER which will probably be happening around 3 am....

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Tharker said...

Well at least you made it through the night without a trip to the ER. I love Spencer's journal entry! Childrens' honesty is so refreshing :)