Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Drumroll Please...THE LIST Is Done

1. I organize everything in my closet by color.
2. My toenails are painted year round and it annoys me when other's aren't. Nothing is as nasty as naked toes.
3. The Backyardigans is my favorite kid's TV show.
4. When I finally got to see Dirty Dancing, my mom sat me down beforehand and told me that "real dancers don't dress like that."
5. I love to cook for people who love food.
6. I want to see every part of the world.
7. I love to read chick-lit.
8. My husband is the best person I know.
9. My kids are my best accomplishment.
10. I like to be known as "the funny one."
11. I've been self conscious in a bathing suit my entire life, even when I had a fantastic body.
12. I'm not a good listener. I try to be and I'm always interested, but I suck at it.
13. I rarely say sorry first, although I'm getting better at it.
14. Someone has actually said to me "if I catch you again, you'll spend the night in jail."
15. I am proud to have a college degree in Early Childhood Education.
16. I love being at the ocean, on the lake, or in the river but am completely afraid of water.
17. Music is playing in my house 90% of the time.
18. My friends mean the world to me.
19. I love Christmas time.
20. I hate having things on my kitchen counters.
21. When my mom or in-laws are around, I turn into a lazy beast. I let them do way more than I should like an ungrateful turd.
22. I would love to own a home decor store when all of my kids are in school.
23. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted four kids but the thought of having another one makes me want to staple my head to the carpet.
24. I secretly take credit for everyone's blogs, except my sis-in-laws, who started hers before me.
25. I love having the house that everyone gathers at.
26. I love Dr. Pepper.
27. I'm not a good baker. Yeast puzzles me still.
28. I love being 31.
29. I wish I looked better with longer hair.
30. My brain is full of useless information.
31. My arms hyperextend and it freaks people out.
32. Without being too obvious, I always try to color coordinate my kids church clothes.
33. I always play music during mealtime. The sounds of others eating drives me insane.
34. I studied ballet for 15 years and was quite good.
35. I love to go camping.
36. I need constant praise. Isn't that horrible? Too bad it's true.
37. My dear friend Kelly and I have known each other for 28 years. She has literally been with me through everything.
38. I would love to be a Labor & Delivery nurse.
39. I love to watch cooking shows and try out new recipes.
40. I used to cry all the time and now I rarely do.
41. I love to ride on ferries.
42. I want to be able to say I've run a marathon without having to actually do it.
43. I love working with the YW.
44. I'm slightly obsessed with my new house but try not to talk about it too much.
45. I like being alone.
46. I love a good road trip.
47. I love to go to the movies.
48. The Cheesecake Factory is my favorite restaurant.
49. I wear way too much pink but actually look better in red.
50. I hate paying for things like good shampoo and skin cleanser although I know I have to now that I'm "in my thirties."
51. I was always afraid of getting in trouble when I was younger and so I rarely did.
52. When I watch Hannah do ballet, I find myself missing it so much that it makes me ache a little.
53. My greatest fear (other than the bridge thing) is that one of my children will get sick.
54. I love BBQ food-potato salad, watermelon, the whole lot.
55. I crave something chocolate everyday. Not just sweet, but chocolate.
56. I want to go see Oprah.
57. I'm trying to come up with a cause for this year to rival last year's baby blanket challenge. (Aren't you excited?)
58. I'm not nearly as confident as people think.
59. I got my period and glasses at the same time.
60. I met a boy on a trip once who wanted to pay for me to stay with him and his family for another few weeks.
61. I've been lucky enough to travel to New York, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Florida, Nova Scotia, Boston, California, and Las Vegas.
62. I was born in California and have only lived there and here.
63. I could buy something off of any page in a Pottery Barn catalog.
64. I want to commit to another triathlon this year but am a little leary after last year.
65. Spencer's heart amazes me.
66. Hannah's passion inspires me.
67. Sienna's spirit uplifts me.
68. I always tell people I'll call them back and rarely do.
69. I hate talking on the phone.
70. I can waste hours at a time on the Behr Premium Paint website.
71. I talk to my mom at least once a day.
72. I was completely overwhelmed when I visited the house where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women.
73. I'm afraid of everything.
74. I was completely spoiled as a child and try not to act like it now.
75. When the song "Baby Got Back" came out, everyone asked me to say the beginning part because "I sounded just like her." Oh my gosh, Becky....
76. I hate to sweep the kitchen floor.
77. I love to be at the ocean, building sand castles with my family or sitting back and watching everything go by.
78. I love Orange Chicken from Panda Express.
79. I love to play Domino's.
80. I can't wait to go to Europe with Brad.
81. I love having a dog around.
82. I'm trying to grow pretty nails but it's not working as well as I want.
83. I think I have mom hair and it freaks me out.
84. I hope my kids are as lucky to find a partner that fits them as well as mine fits me.
85. I LOVE brocolli and artichokes, but only with mayo which is why I rarely eat them.
86. I don't make my kids do as many chores as I should.
87. I love having the laundry baskets empty.
88. I need to learn to say "no" more.
89. I cook a well balanced meal almost every night.
90. I usually have guests in my house to stay once or twice a month.
91. I love Pero at bedtime when my kids are asleep.
92. I expect too much from Spencer.
93. I get frustrated with people who don't use punctuation, or who use it poorly, and so to overcompensate, I use way too many commas.
94. I rarely feel pretty.
95. I'm proud of my recent weight loss and finally feel confident that I can lose the rest.
96. I have more friends than any one person should be blessed with.
97. I want to learn more about the US government.
98. I am amazed at the life I have been given.
99. I am thankful for the way I was raised.
100. I'm excited to see what's to come.


Alicia said...

Wow. I absolutely loved your list. It was so well-rounded. I can't believe how many things could have been on my list. It was seriously scary. You may be as complex a person as me!

vwbabe said...
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speedpelet00 said...

You should do the Richland Triathlon. Heather and I are going to do it. It is the same distance as the one that you were going to do last year. The only rule is you can't beat me because I am not going to finish last again this year!!

speedpelet00 said...
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Heather said...

Great list! What is Pero? Am I missing something?

zornes4 said...

Ha! I have had "I love being a princess" (from Backyardigans) stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG!!! That is one show I can actually watch with my kiddos.

Awesome list Chica! I learned so much about you.

dandee said...

I love all of these lists, and Karen, yours is great! by the way, you DO NOT have mom hair!

Tharker said...

I can't believe that you of all people are afraid of water! You literally turn into a fish in the summertime, that just puzzles me. But then again, you do have that bridge thing...maybe it does make sense after all! And Danyelle is right, you so do not have "mom hair".

Shayla said...

Karen, I found your blog through someone else's comments...I spent the weekend reading through your past posts...you are just too fun. You're list is great and I agree with the others...you do NOT have mom hair. And for those of you who put that you love Dr. Pepper...you have to go to Applebee's and request a Cherry Dr. Pepper...Mmmmm, it is too yummy.

Lindsay said...

Fun list Karen! I learned some new things about you. I had no idea you were interested in learning more about the U.S. government. I may need you to elaborate. I might have to hear you say the beginning part of Baby Got Back as well. I'm totally with you on the dance thing. Every time I see a ballet performance or dance team competitions on ESPN2 I wish I was out there.

goode said...

Oh how your life would have been different if you would have stayed with that guy...I'll tell you all of my labor and delivery stories so you can get your fill. Stan was upset that he wasn't mentioned.

Tharker said...

Love the new look!

Heather said...

I especially love the new picture of you and Brad.

Shayla said...

I love the new look of your blog, Karen. Your children are absolutely adorable and what a cool picture of you and Brad.

Kim said...

That's a great list, Karen! That's funny you mentioned Baby Got Back! I learned a lot about you, too. Does everyone know you were in ballet for 15 years? That one shocked me! I love these lists!

By the way, great new template!

Nicole said...

WOOHOO!!! There's music!