Monday, February 26, 2007

In My Next Life

Between me and Alicia, I'm sure this will be only one of the posts you'll read about The Oscars today. I too, LOVE the show and with the aid of TiVo, watched it all and still made it to bed before 10. I thought the show was good, with a few surprises (Alan Arkin vs Eddie Murphy?) The only person I really wanted to win was Djimon Hounsou because I think his role in Blood Diamond was unbelievable. Granted, I haven't exactly seen the movie, but anyone who can turn out a performance under those types of emotional and physical stress deserves an Oscar to me. I was happy for Helen Mirren, who looked beautiful, but would have loved to see Penenlope Cruz win only because I think it would have been great for foreign language films. Or Kate Winslet just because I think she's stunning in every role she takes on.
What made me the happiest about the show? The ladies dresses which, for the first time in several years, made an effort leave a little to the imagination. Here are some of my favorites:
Not an ounce of cleavage among them! Hooray!


Tharker said...

I loved Kate and Cate's dresses! Also loved Nicole Kidman, she's always at the top of my list on the red carpet. It is nice to see that they aren't showing too much skin for once.

Heather said...

I don't know about that pink one though... there's not much imagination with that fabric!!

Marilyn said...

I like your pics Karen, but one of my favorites was Gwyneth's vintage dress. It had gorgeous details and was just different than anything else.

Alicia said...

Karen, your Oscar post kicked my Oscar post's butt. I too love seeing all the dresses. Kate Winslet is my all-time favorite actress and is always gorgeous and classic. I also really loved Penelope Cruz's dress, she always dresses beautifully. Thanks for the pics!