Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Spencer,

What do I say to my first born as his first grade year dwindles down and he becomes (dun, dun, dun!) A SECOND GRADER? Mama is all kinds of choked up right now as I sit and reflect over the past seven years which have proven time and time again to be the very best seven years of my life.

There are a million reasons why you were my first born and you have fit that profile perfectly. You are patient, kind, a natural leader, obedient, brilliant, and best of all, a perfect example for your sisters. Your sweet spirit has amazed us from day one, and your sensitivity to other's feelings is off the charts. I think you're more in tune with people's feelings than most people who have lived a lifetime, and I know your gigantic heart will change the world.

One of the first words you ever said was "abee!" which we knew meant airplanes from the way you pointed so animatedly at the sky. Your love of planes has continued and you love to make pictures of planes, read books about them and go to the airport to watch them. One of your favorite parts of your new room is that it looks towards the airport and you told us that it was like having your very own control tower. I love watching your face when you're doing something you love. It makes being Mama the very best thing.

You have also loved school from the very first day which is tremendous. Just this morning as we drove to school and I reminded you that you only had two days left, you said "I sure love summer but I'm going to miss school because learning is the very best thing!" I hope your enthusiasm to learn carries you throughout your life and that your curiosity about the world around you never ceases. And your brilliance! It's amazing! Just yesterday, Sra. Phongsa sent home your test scores and you are currently performing better than 94% of native Spanish speakers! Daddy and I were thrilled with your progress and while we are proud of your academic achievements, your role in the classroom is where you really make us proud. You are always the last out of your classroom because you're helping other kids or cleaning up for Sra. Phongsa and these types of service will take you far in life. You seem to already understand that it's not about what you get when you help others but how it makes you feel. Adults are always taken by your maturity and kindness and while I'd love to take credit, it truly is just your nature and your desire to serve others is inspiring.

You are also the very best brother to Hannah and Sienna. You have loved your sisters since they first arrived, and you never felt threatened or unsure about having them around. In return, they both adore you, and while you and Hannah sometimes fight, this love is never more evident as when they both run to you as soon as you get home. They yell for hugs and kisses when you get out of the car in the morning and I know that if they continue to watch and learn from you, they will both be alright.

I know when I gush about you it makes your cheeks red and you feel embarrassed, but I want you to know how you amaze me. How you've taught me and showed me new ways of doing things. How your sensitivity has made me more sensitive and your spirit has inspired me. And how you made my heart bigger and better than it ever was before.

Loving you to Pluto and back,


Melissa said...

What a sweet letter!! And he looks like such a little man in that last photo! I love it!

Heather said...

I'm about to cry right there with ya!

Kim said...

What a beautiful letter to such a deserving little man. He is something special, that's for sure. His awesome character and sweet personality are definitely worth boasting about as his mom. He amazes me. You should be so proud!

Kelly said...

Pass the kleenex. What a special little guy, you and Brad should be proud of yourselves as well!

Nan said...

Great letter. What a special boy! glad to have him in our primary.

Tharker said...

Kelly when you're done with the kleenex, can you please pass them over this way?

I love Spencer for so many reasons. I love that he sometimes acts and talks like an 85 year old man, but still has the love and excitement for life of a child. He is so sweet and caring, and of course my kids love to play with Spencer Johnson. (I think it's funny that our kids call each other by their first and last names : )

This was such a wonderful letter for your little man.

Love ya Spence!

sdodson said...

He looks like such a cutie. I'm sure there will be lots of little girls with big old crushes if there arn't already!

Rachel C. said...

A lovely letter! He's such a handsome little guy.