Monday, June 11, 2007

"It's Just Gibberish....The Ramblings Of An Insane Person"

This is why I don't stay up late....

(and yes, 10:30 is LATE for me.)

I am starving.


Tummy growling, aching to run-to-the-border hungry.

See, if I had been in bed at 9:30 like usual, I would be in the midst of REM and my body would be eating off the nice reserve I've got stored in the lower 40.

But no.

I'm awake.

Awake and hungry.

Waiting for Michele and Sue who should be arriving here in the next half hour after driving from TAHOE this morning. With four small children in the car.

(Yeah, their life SUCKS.)

What else?

Oooh, this is cool.

Brad is being paid as an interpreter for a law firm that my girlfriend Christy works for. They have a pending trial and have to interview six witnesses who are all Spanish speaking and my fabulo-so hubby gets paid to translate.


I'm thinking I'll buy some new shoes with the moo-la. And jewlery. I need jewlery.

Oh wait!

I could spend it and like a grand more on pavers for the retaining wall in the backyard. That would be HOT.

Yard work rocks the his-ouse.

I've got to go to bed.

Michele and Sue can let themselves in.

It's either that or I'm gonna start knawing on the computer desk.

Sleep well my ladies!


Khatch said...

Hey I am up late too and starving! If the border you are wanting to run to is Taco Bell I will meet you there.

Tharker said...

These are completely random thoughts, but I looove it! I'll be happy to meet you and Kim at the border some time!

Melissa said...

A late night run to the border is never a bad thing - hope your friends got there and you got to sleep in! :)

Heather said...


Nan said...

Thanks for the sweet treat, ate half of it tonight and will eat the other half tomorrow.
Def need to take up the morning swim at masons landing!