Monday, July 30, 2007

My Life In Pictures, Sort Of

Wouldn't it be cool if Blogger was cooperating right now and I could post the series of pictures that I wanted to? Cause the pictures, you know, are worth a thousand words whereas my words, are, well, just words and not nearly as cool.

This is what you would see:

First, a picture of my kids counting all their change from our "Swimming Pool Fund" jar, and believe me, it's impressive. (Over $108 so far! We'll be swimming by 2012!!)

Then, a picture of the first fruits of our labors, or rather vegetables, as The Johnson Family Garden has officially produced two large cucumbers and boy were they divine.

Next you would see a picture of one of the many trenches winding around our house as we put sprinklers in. We are on day four of Sprinkler Instillation and boy, does it suck. But the yard is looking spiffy!

Finally, you would see a picture of my hand, outstretched, palm up, and in the center of that hand, the largest blister known to man, thanks to all that trench digging. It's completely sick looking but I'm proud.

Can't you just picture it???


Brooklet said...

OOH, the picture of the blister looks painful, but the cucumber's look worth it!

Hope Blogger knocks it off soon so we can be blessed with both your words and your pictures.

Tharker said...

Wow, the look of glee on your children's faces is wonderful. I bet Spencer is so excited that the pool will finally be open for his graduation party! heehee!

Heather said...

I can totally picture it. Good luck in the trenches.

dandee said...

Putting in a yard is one dirty look filthy! No wonder your children are saving for a pool.

Alicia said...

Either everyone is pretending to see these pictures or I'm seriously blind. Please tell me they're not really there and I'm the only one who can't see them!