Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Girl

Dear Hannah,

Today when you hopped out of the van at preschool, you looked back at me with a big wave and a smile and said "love you Mommy!" This is why I get up in the morning.

School is back in session and you are eating up your time with the remarkable Ms. Kristen. The two of you have quite the love affair going on and I love all the amazing things that she is teaching you. You have progressed wonderfully in her class and are standing out as a class leader which makes me very proud. I love the reports I get about how helpful you're being to the others and how you make sure that everyone is doing well. Your sweet spirit has matured tremendously of late and I'm completely in love with the young lady you're becoming.

Last week when we went on our pre pre-school date, we sat in the "tickly chairs" with our feet in the bubbly water and talked and talked. I LOVED it. It gave me glimpse of the conversations to come and it's one of my greatest prayers that we will always be able to talk like we do now. Hopefully we'll tackle more interesting topics then whether or not The Princess & The Pauper really are sisters or if Troy a& Gabriella will ever get married, but we're off to a nice start.

One of your favorite things to do right now is help me around the house and I love that, as of right now, you still want to be just like me. It makes me work extra hard to be the very best example to you and it's fun having you follow me around in your apron, cleaning everything alongside me.

Along with all of your sweetness, the sass that is is truly "Hannah" still exists. You have a flair for the dramatic and while it can drive me crazy, it also entertains me to no end.

"Mom, if you make me wear those shoes then Ms. Kristen won't see the flowers on my toes and then that would be lame!" (This is where you throw your head back and roll your eyes.)

"You really need to finish up, Mama, because my legs are so tired of standing!" (Said while I'm doing your hair and with the last few words draaaawwwnnn waaaaayyy ooouuuttttt.....)

"I would like to have a Princess Leia Pink party for my five birthday at Chuck E Cheese. And you can be Queen Amidalla." (None of us know what exactly Princess Leia Pink actually is but you feel quite strongly about it.)

With your fifth birthday right around the corner, it frightens me at how quickly you're growing up. And since you're the same size as most 1st graders, it's even more astonishing. You're starting to become aware of how much taller you are than your friends and I keep having to remind you that you don't have to talk to them like they're babies. It's the quickest route to you getting punched in the face for the first time, and we really don't want that.



Melissa said...

What a great post! She is a cutie and I love that she wants a Princess Leia Pink party! Let me know if you figure out what that is exactly... :)

Sarah said...

So great to hear that someone is getting along with their daughter at the moment. Wish I could say the same. I love that you went to get pedicures together and just sat and chatted. What a fun mom you are.

Tharker said...

You are a wonderful little girl Hannah Marissa! We all love you so much here at the Harker house, and have loved watching you grow into the sweet and sassy girl that you are! Can't wait for more to come.

Karen, you are the best mom ever!

Brooklet said...

There is just something special about daughters! I love that she uses the word 'lame'! She is a beautiful girl and it is fun to read about your special relationship with her.

krisnkrew said...

I love sharing girl activities with Sydnee too! Sounds like you guys have a great relationship! What fun activities and talks you have! That is so neat!

Kristen Hatch said...

Hey!! Tiffany told me to look on your blog! That is such a good picture of Hannah and I! Love it! She is still my favorite! My old soul!!!! Thanks for teaching her to be a helpful, expressive child! You are a wonderful mother. Want to take my daughter on?


Anonymous said...

told you she's exactly like me. look what you have to look forward too! haha

Marilyn said...

Beautiful post!

Kelly said...

Hannah IS a special little angel, so sweet and sassy! She's a lucky gal to have a fun and loving mom like you. You're the BEST!

Lindsay said...

I loved reading this post about Hannah. It sounds like you are well on your way to a having that great mother-daughter relationship so few teenagers have with their mothers.

Elizabeth said...

I loved how you started that (after the wave and thinking, "That's why I get up in the morning").
What a lovely post.

I got such a beautiful visual when you were talking about sitting together and having long conversations. That made my heart warm.

I hope you have many, many more of those kinds of endearing moments.