Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ta-Da! We Made It

So here we are.
Ten years into marriage.
Ten years that have brought three adorable children, an overweight dog, two houses and a jet-ski into our lives.
I wonder what I thought about ten years ago today,
as I got my hair done,
cried with my girlfriends,
thanked my parents,
and put on my gorgeous dress.
Did I know that I would have this much happiness in my life?
Did I know that I really would love this man more now then I did then?
Did I know that it absolutely was the best decision I ever could have made?
I wonder.
I'm a very lucky girl. Lucky in love. Lucky in life. Lucky in family.
I don't know exactly why Brad & I work so well together, but I think it has something to do with the fact that we laugh all the time. Brad has taught me how to relax and not get caught up in the small things and that alone as improved my life tenfold.
Who cares if you accidently buy a computer?
Does it really matter that we have a yard to put in or should we just go jet-skiing?
Do I really need to plan out each second of the day or should I just go with the flow?
Thank you Brad, for being the most amazing man I've ever known,
and for teaching me that I'm worth your trouble.
Happy Anniversary!
(This song is from the movie we saw on our first date, and it was our first dance at our wedding. Enjoy!)


Jessica said...

Hope you have a great anniversary! What another sweet post! I have loved reading all of the one about your lives together. You are very a very creative/funny writer!

Melissa said...

Happy anniversary! This has been so fun to read these posts the last few days! I may have to steal the idea when our 10 year comes around this January!
Congrats on 10 years!

Sarah said...

This was so fun to read about your real life love story. It's awesome that you guys are still so in love and appreciate each other so much. Congrats on your first ten years and here's to many more!

Tharker said...

Once again, you left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. No..seriously!

Happy Anniversary to you both! You're the best!

dandee said...

Happy anniversary! You have an amazing writing ability, I heard your voice the entire time...

krisnkrew said...

Love this song by Celine Dion! She is the best! You guys sound like you've had a wonderful 10 years! Thanks for sharing your stories with us this week!

Heather said...

I'm getting no song... but I'm sure its awesome. Enjoy your day and weekend!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary you two! I can't believe it's already been ten years since I embarrassed myself in front of all of your guests by doing a line dance to "Any Man of Mine". Fun times!! It makes me smile just knowing you and Brad are so completely in love and happy. Congratulations.

Marilyn said...

Happy Anniversary, you do seem to have a wonderful relationship, and these posts are inspiring.

Khatch said...

Happy Anniversary! It has been so fun reading the Story of Brad and Karen.