Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today is a happy day because:

*Yesterday I went to the doctor and we heard the heartbeat NO PROBLEM,
which was not the case last time and I spent two weeks being a total WHACK-JOB, so the reprieve from my psychosis is lovely.

*The friendly fridge repair man called and said he would be here by 8:30
and lo and behold, he was!

*Remember this post? And my obnoxious comment about wanting some for my own children? Of course, this uber talented chica showed up on my doorstep bearing these....

Handmade, monogrammed, tooth-fairy pillows that left Hannah asking when her teeth would start falling out and Spence telling me he would need his soon as he wiggled his teeth like crazy.

I know, Marilyn, I know, you HATE the praise, but SER. I. OUSLY.

You are amazing and I can't thank you enough!

*I have nothing I HAVE to do today and am loving the thought of being home all day in my sweats with my girls.

Enjoy Thursday!


Sarah said...

Wow, Karen. It looks like you really hit the jackpot this week! Have fun today relaxing in your sweats. That sounds great.

Tharker said...

Don't worry, we love you even when you are a total whack job! Just kidding. I'm so glad that there was no problem hearing the heartbeat this time around. Go baby, go!

Uhhh...yeah...those pillows are SO cute! Marilyn did such a great job.

dandee said...

Those pillows have got to be the sweetest things ever! My children love theirs and had about the same reactions as Spencer and Hannah.

Movie Queen said...

Wow. Those pillows are amazing. You rock, Marilyn. We're not worthy.

Kris said...

Those are cute pillows. Glad everything is going well with your pregnancy too! Hope you are enjoying the day in your sweats.

Melissa said...

I love days like this! Glad it's going so well for you... and those pillows are so cute!!

Kelly said...

Hearing the heartbeat is the best sound in the world. So glad you can put that worry behind you. Enjoy your duty free day!!

Marilyn said...

Karen, I find it so hard to turn down a challenge, so once you said ballet slipper, I had no choice. I am so glad that the kids are excited to use them.

And yay for hearing the heartbeat. And yay for happy days!

Khatch said...

I am so glad you had a happy day. Happy days are the best. I love those pillows they are soo cute.

I miss working with you in YW.

Brooklet said...

Yeah for the heart beat! I always got so nervous each time they would check.

I love the ballet slipper tooth pillow, beautifully done.