Monday, June 02, 2008

Mr. Mom

Last night as Brad was finishing up the dishes, he asked what I needed done for tomorrow. "Do you want to make a list for me or do you want me to try and figure it out?"

My goodness how I love this man.

This morning, he hopped out of bed as the first of the kids came streaming in and headed downstairs, where he:

*made breakfast
*cleaned the kitchen
*made Spence's lunch
*had everyone dressed with shoes on and backpacks loaded

My goodness how I love this man.

Since everyone is ahead of schedule thanks to him being so on top of things, they are now all outside where I just watched him pull a few weeds, push Sienna on her bike, and throw the football with Spence. Hannah is busy scootering around all of it.

After the carpool run, he told me he was going to go and do the returns that have been waiting to get done and then he'll be back to get to work here.

My goodness how I love this man.


debsters said...

I'm all teary. Really.

You two are adorable. The love is evident and I love it.

tharker said...

I'm going to give Brad a "tharker" comment....

Ooohh, that is just so nice Brad. Karen, he is just the best husband ever. Wow. I am just brimming with love for the two of you.

Okay, Brad. How was that? :)

Enjoy these last few days!!!

::DANDEE:: said...

A good man for a good woman. You're a great pair together!

Jan said...

So happy for you. Brad is tops and I can feel the love that you have for him. Love your thoughts today. They are very touching and I know how much you need him right now. Only 8 more days. And with your man home, it will be that much easier for you. Thanks Brad..

Sarah said...

That must be so nice. A guy that just pitches in and gets things done. Awesome.

Lisa said...

WOW!!! Okay so Steve is totally capable of all those things, however it would be safe to say that a little more persuading has to be done for those things to be accomplished. Again, WOW!!!

I just looked at your coundown, 8 more days?!!! I am SO excited for you and jealous all at the same time. I SO love newborns but what can I do about that? I've already joined the "four no more" club. No turning back. It's weird to think that the next time I see you, you'll have four too. Good luck with that. ;)

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Seriously! You are very lucky :) Have they set a date for you yet or what!

Kris said...

Glad he's being so helpful! Good luck these last few days!

Kelly said...

I second Dandee's comment!

Love, love, love the new slide show, your family is so beautiful.

You're getting closer everyday! Yay!

tharker said...

I love the new slideshow!

Jacob & Annette Rose said...

What a man! Brad is a stud! Your slide show is super cute.