Monday, August 25, 2008

Do You Think Barack Has The Same Problem?

Last Friday I got a call from the elementary school principal telling me that she would like me to address the teachers Monday (today) at a meeting, outlining the PTO's goals for the year, etc. No problem, I thought, as I am the Queen of Schmooze. I can talk to just about anyone about just about anything so I hardly gave it a second thought and went on my merry way.

Saturday, after perusing PTO Today magazine (yes, there is such a thing and yes, I do want to poke my own eyeballs out for having read it) I decided I would make a little "Welcome Back Teachers!" treat to hand out. I know, I.AM.STUPID.

Yesterday, I hopped out of bed and got right to work, baking approximately 782 cookies, all the while shooing away my hungry husband and children who didn't seem to get why I was determined to make sure each teacher consumed 12,000 calories at one time. I seriously thought I wouldn't have enough, so I literally morphed into the Cookie Nazi and denied my sweet family any sugary goodness. I hate myself.

Lindsay, who willingly (or perhaps unwillingly because I can be scary) agreed to help me on the PTO board came running to my rescue with trays of brownies and together we put together 40 treat bags. I typed up a schmaltzy little thing and added it to the bags and Voila! I am officially the PTO Pres with the mostest.

Yeah, I know that doesn't rhyme but you'll understand why in a moment....

I fell into bed at 10:38 completely bushwacked from my day as Julia Child's doppleganger, said a quick prayer that my babe would sleep well and drifted off to sleep.

Oh, wait, no I didn't. I didn't drift off to sleep. There was no drifting. In fact, as of 4:31 this morning when I finally got my sorry carcass out of bed, there had been no drifting.

I am driftless.

And quite grumpy, if you really want to know.

In my pre-presidential life, I was a great sleeper. My lovely head could hit the pillow and I would be out in mere seconds. It was a great life, the life of an anytime sleeper. And now, with the weight of the PTO world looming on my shoulders, I am prone to be a mom with a newborn who can't even turn to caffeine to get her through the day. Little man no likey.

Apparently, I am taking my new role just a tad too seriously. I mean, what if I failed and the parents didn't like the assortment of donuts I selected for the Boo Hoo Breakfast? Can you imagine the carnage? The outrage??? The HORROR???

So now it is 5:36 in the morning, and I, the moron without sleep, am going to go work out and pray that any endorphins I amp up might carry me through this very long day.


Jan said...

Karen. You are amazing. I can't even imagine how long that must have taken. Yeah for friends. Hope those endorphins do kick in and hope you get your rest tonight.

President of the Year. Is that what your going for here?

tharker said...

Next time you are on the list to make 782 cookies, PLEASE call me, and I make them so you don't have to. You have enough to do.

You are crazy and wonderful all at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Karen, I'm on my way! I'll give Sienna the one on one attention she loves and I'll walk the floor with Austin after you feed him in the middle of the night. I just have to pack my entire summer wardrobe now piled on the spare bed because you never know what I might need in Pasco. And I'll have to bring the big cooler because I have dinner for tonight and stuff to make some chicken wraps I thought you might like and a little treat for the kids first day of school breakfast and I have peach muffins ready to go in the oven this morning.

Calm down. I don't know where you get this obsessive behavior!


debsters said...

Your mom's comment says it all. Mom to the rescue. That's heart warming, really.

You give your all. You do your best. Everyone will admire and appreciate that.

PRP said...

Thanks Thark. I know you'd help in a minute. I just need to get better at asking.

I love you Mom! The kids are literally pacing the floor. As for the obsessive behavior, I can only imagine...

Megan said...

just remember, they are glad for your help at the school--whether there's cookie or not....
keep the meetings short:) (that's my best advice)

you'll do a great job!

Sarah said...

Now that's going way above and beyond the call of duty. Your comment about being a cookie making Nazi cracked me up!

Ms. Kristen said... are sounding like me! I thought I was the only people pleaser on the block!

Slow down! I wish you could consume a little caffiene!!!

See you tonight?????

Heather said...


AOlson said...

You must be thinking clearly because your outfit totally rocked tonight!! Love the shoes!! Aren't they the CUTEST!!

polka dots said...

Your Mom rocks! You are one of a kind Karen. You will be an awesome PTO president. If I was there I would be happy to have you put me to work!

Kelly said...

You are a crazy lady. That school is LUCKY to have you leading the way.

I remember when your mom was our school's PTA president! You both have amazing drive and endless energy! I'm envious.

Enjoy your time with you mom- she's a dear one!