Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Long Spending Spree

In early June, Brad suggested that we sell the jet-ski. I could not believe my ears, that my husband willingly wanted to sell our beloved water toy, but he seemed to feel that it was the right thing to do and proceeded to post it on Craigslist. We have four children, he reasoned, so what possible good could a jet-ski do us?

I reluctantly agreed, all the while secretly taking stock in the fact that with the status of the economy and gas being four bucks a gallon, no one in their right mind would want to buy a jet-ski.

Um, yeah, I was wrong.

Not only did someone want to buy it, about six someones wanted to buy it and the next thing I new, our fantastically fun toy was hitched to the back of some guys pickup and headed back to British Columbia. This poor guy drove six hours down here and then turned around and drove the six hours home, with our beautiful party barge following him diligently home. I. Was. Sad.

But when Brad waved the fat wad of cash in front of me that our little toy brought us, I got over it.

If we had been smart, we would have put all that money directly in savings, which we planned on doing. But first, we made a few small purchases:

:A new couch for our living room


:A bedroom set, which we have not-so-patiently been waiting for our entire marriage

With smiles on our faces and a nice stack of change left over, we ended our shopping spree and put the rest in the bank.

...Until the dishwasher died in our 14 month old house, making it ineligible for warranty and thus causing us to buy a new one.

...And then the washing machine went, so we promptly headed out and got a new one of those.

...And then the doctor's bills came for sweet Austin, and we took the 20% discount offered and paid in full.

....And then, weirdness of weird, the TV went out upstairs and we had to repair that to the tune of a couple hundred dollars.

...And then the big wamboosal of them all, THE VAN. Our beloved Dodge Grand Caravan sported over 170,000 miles and needed $2000 worth of work done...

So now we have a new one of those. It is beautiful and pristine and I am in heaven, but it looks EXACTLY like my old one, color and all.

Needless to say, our little jet-ski nest egg has most certainly been spent, but I am glad we had the money we needed, even if it means some guy in BC is having the time of his life.


Stacia said...

It is SO annoying when things like that have to be replaced or repaired. But I am amazed that a jet ski can cover all those things! That is awesome to me! And congrats on the bedroom set, I am longing for one of those too! :) In my mind yours is a dark wood.

tharker said...

Your jet ski bucks went a long way. I love the new furniture upstairs and down. And the van, well even though it looks exactly the same as the old one, I love that too!

Heather said...

Wow, you gotta lotta bank for your buck! Brad really is a smart guy.

Kelly said...

Yowza...that hurts. But new stuff is so much fun! Especially vehicles and furniture- Congrats!!

And any time you feel the need to do a "Double Nixon" on the back of a jet ski, just give us a call- We'll be there. :)

Ms. Kristen said...

Isn't that how it goes? We never can save either!

Kris said...

How cool that you were able to buy what you needed and wanted. It was great seeing you today. Your baby is so cute and chubby. I love it!

val said...

Imagine what you could get if you sold one of the kids. Which at this point in the summer school is going to save their lives. I think that is so great about you purchases. I would however like a picture of your bedroom set.

hatch said...

That is cool that your jet ski was able to help you out like that. I am sure a little bit of a bummer to sell it. I always cringe when something breaks because it always seems like it has a chain link affect...
So cool that you were able to get a new bedroom set. I want one so bad.

Sarah said...

It sounds like you really made that money stretch and you had the money when you needed it for other things. I always hate it when we have extra money and things need fixing or replaced and we can't spend it on the things we wanted to. But then I look back, and realize it's better for that stuff to happen when we could afford to pay for them. You should post some pic's of your new furniture. And it was good to see you yesterday - twice!

debsters said...

I enjoy spending money on the fun stuff, but get a little flustered when I've got to replace the necessities, like sprinkler timers and garage door openers.
Now a new van, that's fun.

AOlson said...

We have a jet ski and every summer Kevin says maybe we should sell it and I yell no way, I love it we have too much fun on it. But with all of your new toys maybe I'll reconsider.

lindsay>boo said...

Yeah, it's kinda crazy that one jet ski was able to pay for all those other things.