Friday, September 12, 2008

By Golly It Worked!

The kids and I have a tradition each week known as "Donut Friday."  It started back a few years ago when I watched two other kids Monday through Thursday, so Friday's became my special day with just my kids.  To treat them for surviving another week with extra kids in our house, we would stop for donuts and juice on the way to school.  We'd always end up at school early so we would sit in the parking lot and talk about all the fun things we wanted to do that weekend.  I. loved. it.  After a few minutes of conversation, I would send them and their chocolatey cheeks out the door to school.  

Last Friday, as we rushed around the house to Donut Friday, Ms. Hannah was copping quite the attitude, as, shockingly, she is known to do.  After several requests for a quick attitude adjustment, I dropped the hammer.  

"No Donut Friday for you!"  

Said just like the soup Nazi.  

My oh my how the tears fell! She cried and wailed and begged and pleaded, all to no avail.  I explained to her that she had made some poor choices that morning which resulted in the loss of something fun.  She didn't seem to get it at first, that whole action vs consequence thing, but after 45 minutes of her pleading with me, she finally dried her tears and seemed resolved to the fact that her Friday would be donut-less.  

This morning as I once again rallied the troops for Donut Friday, I noticed that Hannah was exceptionally helpful to me.  No arguing about the choice of shoes I presented, completely agreeable to the sweatshirt I picked out, all to eager to help with the dishes.  I thanked her repeatedly for her kindness and she whispered back to me that which I've waited to hear all of her life:

"I remembered how bad I felt last week when I wasn't being good and didn't get a donut so this week I wanted to be extra good to show you I deserved it."

A major breakthrough in the Hannah psyche!

I felt like I could literally see her maturing before my eyes.  It was awesome.  

And today, her cheeks were most definitely chocolately when I sent her off to school.  


hatch said...

I love your friday tradition! What a fun thing to do with your kids. I can imagine how good you must have felt after hearing Hannah say that. It sounds like she really learned her lesson.

tharker said...

Great job Hannah!!! I am so impressed!

My children thank you for starting the tradition of Donut Friday. We don't do it every Friday, but if I can get results like this, then maybe we should!

sweet P said...

I'm so impressed that you stuck to you word when you told her "no donuts" even if you felt like the Soup Nazi - look at what you would have missed out on if you had just given in. I need to remember that. I'm also impressed that you survived 45 minutes of crying. Share your stamina with me!

Sarah said...

Should we start calling you the Donut Nazi?! You crack me up. This sounds like it was a great lesson learned, sometimes it's hard to put our foot down where our kids are concerned. Hannah is a smart girl and that must have felt really good for her to tell you she learned her lesson.

Ms. Kristen said...

I have heard of this dounut friday the last year. Now that I know the details....I think I would like a chocolate dounut every friday too! Tradition it important!

Heather said...

Whoa you dropped the hammer?? I need to be a little more hammerish, maybe after I'm not huge and waddling around I'll feel up to it.

That's so sweet that she TOLD you she learned her lesson. She really got it.

Stacia said...

Have to remember the soup nazi tactic! That's funny. I know after all the talks about being "happy" at school that this breakthrough is really hard fought! CONGRATS! Happy for you AND Hannah!

lindsay>boo said...

Yes! I love moments like that!

Jacob and Annette Rose said...

Way to go... I love those moments. Donut Friday sounds like way too much fun... I think I may have to borrow that from you!

Kelly said...

MMMMMmmmmmm Donuts!

Nothing like a little sugary sweetness dipped in sprinkles to help teach a valuable lesson.

I'm adopting donut Friday from now on...Love the idea of quality time spent with the kiddos while gnawing on a maple bar. YUM!

The Grossnickle Family said...

That is awesome! I love it when the start to understand and get things.

debsters said...

It would completely work for me too.
What a great mommy moment and a fantastic idea.