Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Spencer,

After an insanely busy day of PTO, t-shirt orders, gymnastics for the girls, etc, etc, you my sweet son, were the one who was able to bring me back round and allow me to be calm. You, with your unparalleled wisdom for a boy your age, gave me the perfect gift at the end of a very busy day. You gave me yourself.

I love so many things about you. Right now, I particularly love how your sweet soul still wants to cling to your mom when something scares you, and I love that your able to tell me when you're scared. When I saw your lanky figure appear in my office doorway, I love how you looked quietly down at the floor and said "I really need some mom time tonight." I know you won't say those words forever, but for now, they are music to my ears.

I love that even though you are mature beyond your years, you find comfort in curling up in bed with your mom and talking. Tonight's talk was especially fun as we have so much to look forward to: donut Friday in the morning (an apple fritter for you!) a visit from Stan, Michele and Saray, Monster Math Night, new T-shirts to wear and a weekend of fun. Halloween next week and then Hannah's birthday and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us.

We also talked of your dream of playing baseball someday. I can see the excitement in your eyes as you describe what it would be like to meet your idol, Ichiro, or what it might feel like to play a game at Safeco field. I want for you all the things you want for yourself, and I can't wait to watch you make your dreams come true.

I often wonder if I'm giving you everything that you need. You are so responsible and I expect a lot from you as you help me take care of the other kids by brushing their teeth, fixing their breakfast, helping with shoes. Do you know how spectacular you are? Do you know that when I see you hold Austin or help the girls, my heart bursts with pride? Do you know that of all the children in all the world, you were made especially for me? I do. I know that you are amazing and you will teach me the rest of your life. You are my calm, my sweetest boy, and I am honored to be your mother.



lindsay>boo said...

Spencer is truly a remarkable boy. I've loved getting to know him better. It's been so fun to see the world through his eyes because it's always rosy.

I love that he wanted to talk and have mom time with you. Those are the best!

tharker said...

What a great moment with your sweet boy. I just love Spencer, and I think Lindsay described his outlook on life perfectly. He is a breath of fresh air.

You are a wonderful mom Karen. I hope you know just how perfect YOU are for HIM! He is the happy child that he is because you and Brad bring out the best in him and allow him to shine.

Jen said...

What a sweet letter to your son. Take advantage of those requests for mom time. It's such a precious time to have.

Kelly said...

He truly is a gem.

I loved this letter to Spenc. I'm at the same place with wanting to hold on to their childhood innocence forever. It's fleeting. You said it perfectly.

Have another fun weekend with Michele!!

Sarah said...

Spencer seems like a fun boy to be around, and his dimples in his smile just kill me. I'm glad he is such a good boy around your home and a big help to you.

AOlson said...

Oh Karen, this was a very sweet post. I got that lump in my throat as I was reading it. A special boy for a special mommy.

Ms. Kristen said...

Ahhhhhh! This sounds familar! You are a great momma!

sweet P said...

Such a sweet boy and a sweet moment. Good for you for taking the time to have that moment. It would have been so easy to tell him you were busy. You are a great mom!

Jacob and Annette Rose said...

I think that is so great that you grabbed that moment, and then to take the time to write a letter to him. I could definately learn some lessons from you. Thank you for being a good example. I need to do more of those things. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful letter to Spencer. You are both very lucky and deserving!