Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party Fowl

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my husband?

I do.

I know it can make one feel sickly to constantly read about the amazing attributes of one's spouse, but he really deserves to have his praises sung. Feel free to move along to the next blog in your googlereader or read along, as I sing my little heart out.

When we committed to ourselves (and each other) to live a more healthy life, one of the things my sweet husband decided to do was ride his bike to work. Every day for the past 9 weeks, Brad has pedaled his way to the high school without fail. When the temperatures started to dip a few weeks back, I thought his biking days were over, but he persevered, donning a turtleneck under his jersey and switching to long pants instead of his bike shorts.

Sidenote: can you imagine the ridicule he has faced from silly high school students as he makes his way down the halls of PHS in itty bitty bike shorts? My man is amazing.

Whenever he can, he tries to squeeze in a longer ride home so he can get in a good amount of exercise, which has paid off fabulously for him resulting in a 25 lb weight loss. It's done wonders for his waistline as well as his tush. And don't get me started on his calves.

Even better, our pocketbook is holding onto some much wanted cash since he hasn't put gas in his car in over two months. The benefits are awesome.

Today, while taking advantage of a beautiful day, he hit the bike path down by the river on his way home. His goal is always to ride as fast and hard as he can, and today was no exception. As he cruised along, he waved to the missionaries who happened to be in the area and took note of a large flock of geese meandering about the path. As the geese took flight, he silently thanked them for getting out of his way, not noticing the one goose who had other plans. And those plans seem to include taking my sweet husband down.

Yep. Smack dab right into the side of a goose, at 25+ miles per hour.

Off the bike, skidding on pavement, taking the full blow of the landing on his shoulder. His bad shoulder. The shoulder with the slowly recovering rotator cuff tear.

When he came in from the garage, I noticed that he seemed to be sweating more than usual. When I saw the blood on his hands and elbows, and noted the rips in his pants and jersey, his first words were:

"Please don't laugh, but I ran into a goose."

I laughed.

You're laughing too, aren't you?

As he told me what happened, I laughed harder and harder because apparently that's the kind of wife I am. And then my thoughts turned to the goose.

"What happened to the goose?" I shouted. "Did you kill it?"

"I don't think so, but there sure where a lot of feathers laying around."

Laughing, hysterically, again.

And then he says, "don't we have an agreement with animals? That they'll get out of our way when they see us coming?"

Apparently not.

He continued on with the rest of the story, noting his extreme embarrassment when the missionaries came to help him and the lone fisherman out on the water who came closer to shore and shouted "are you okay?"

And then he said, with complete seriousness, "you can't blog about this."

Um, yeah, let me know how that goes for you.

No really, I wouldn't have told the story if he really didn't want me to but come on, it's such a great story to tell! Can't you just hear it?

"What happened to you?"

"I got beat up by a goose."

After I Neosporined and bandaged him up, he settled stiffly into the couch with a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade and 4 Advil. His whole right side is turning a nasty shade of purple but he still has a smile on his face.

And a sweet, sweet story to tell.


Kelly said...

That gives a whole new meaning to "getting goosed".

Rather than dwell on the extreme hilarity and embarrasment of this scenario,:) I will congratulate Brad on his excellent bike riding achievements and good health! Way to go!!

Kris said...

This is a funny story. How cool that he was able to ride his bike for so long. That's impressive. Did he ride this morning, or did he take a day off?

Amy said...

Poor Brad! But that is hilarious!!! At least he attacked the goose. Jeremy got hit in the head by a bird that flew in the car the second he rolled his window down... that's a great story...

debsters said...

So did Brad have to swing by the gas station on the way to work this morning. Unless, he got right back on his bike?? Not with pain, I'm sure. Have a speedy recovery Brad, don't let that bird get the better of you.

Jen said...

I'm sorry to laugh but that's pretty funny! Did he get the plate off that goose?

This morning I had to slow down b/c a squirrel couldn't make up its mind. You can almost see the panic in their eyes (which way should they go?). Why do they do that?

tharker said...

I laughed. Hard. Cuz that's the kind of friend I am!

Sorry about your bad shoulder though Brad. If you need any more Diet Cherry Limeaids to nurse the pain away, just give us a call.

stylist to the stars said...

You can picture it happening in your head. So sorry Brad.

The Neff Family said...

What a funny story! Is Brad training to start riding with Billy, Cory and Jacob? Way to go Brad on the 20 lbs, that is amazing!

Jeremy said...

Wow... I laughed so hard. I am glad I was sitting down. It made me think of all the times I have crashed on my bikes around people and gotten up like it was no big deal, just cause I was so embaressed. Great job on the weight loss.

Knotaklu said...

I can't resist this one. Brad should know that if your going to ride a bicycle, that sooner or later your going to take a fall. I feel and broke a shoulder and dislocated a collar bone, and I'm still riding. So keep it up Brad. But hitting a goose!! It takes a real man to admit to that! A friend of mine hit a pig once. The pig won that one too. By the way, I think you, your hubby and kids are the greatest. Give them each a hug from me.

Jacob and Annette Rose said...

Ok... Yea, I'm laughing, and crying... that is so hilarious! What a trooper. I hate those D*@$! Geese. They always barely move in time, but I just assume that they will move... I guess I will not assume that any longer. Oh yea, tell him not to make barking sounds because then they just run straight at you...

Love the new background!!!

Heather said...

That is AWESOME!

Brad said...

Yes, I still rode this morning....a bit slower and on the watch for any crazy geese flying around.

Sarah said...

I will never look at geese the same way. HA!