Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My house is quiet.

My kids are sleeping.

My dishes are done.

My laundry is folded.

My body is exhausted.

My eyes are sleepy.

My mind is calm,


to quote one of my favorite movies

"I'm thankful for the work."


Sarah said...

And I was most thankful for the yummy cheescake. Delicious! Thanks again.

stylist to the stars said...

I am so glad that you get to relax.

Doesn't it feel good :)

tharker said...

I have two favorite parts of the day. The beginning because of what it holds and the ending because it means it's over.

Glad you had some quiet moments of relaxation.

Kelly said...

Ahhh....Enjoy it.

Marilyn said...

I love that movie. I haven't watched it in ages...thanks for the inspiration.

hatch said...

I love that movie too!

Enjoy your quiet moment!