Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dashing Through The Snow

I'm ba-humbugging here in a big way.

I had to deliver the last batch of T-shirts to the school this morning, something that I am so happy to be done with. The three littlest kids were with me which meant more chaos than normal but I was up to the challenge. As I took the three kids into the office to wait while I went back to get the HUGE box of shirts, some random woman remarked to me "you really should have more on your baby!"

Seriously? I was instantly annoyed because my sweet babe was swaddled to the hilt. Regular clothes, covered up with his snowsuit, stocking cap covered up with snowsuit hat, large blanket over the whole stinkin' thing. What else could I have added? An electric blanket plugged into my pocket-sized generator? Give me a break. Many things I am, neglectful mother I am not.

I let it go and made my way back out the car, pushing the button on my keys to open up the back hatch, where I got to watch the ginormous box of shirts fall upside down out of the car and spill it's contents. My nicely organized T-shirts rolled all over the parking lot and I scrambled to pick them up as the other parents drove around me. Nice. Real nice. How's that for the Christmas spirit?

After I picked everything up, I hoisted up the world's heaviest box and made my way back into the school where I distributed the T-shirts to the teacher's boxes, which have no rhyme or reason to them so it takes for.ever. Love it.

So now I'm off to do something to entertain my girls because you know what's better than having two weeks off with your kids at Christmas? Having three. The bickering is at an all time high and I might just lose my mind. The latest batch of tears was caused by one sister going up the stairs in front of the other. I know. THE NERVE.

I'm hoping to escape as soon as I hear my hubby's car in pull into the garage. Wish me luck.


Kris said...

The fighting has already begun here too. I've got to figure out something to do with all of them next week, otherwise I'm going to go crazy. I'm hoping Sydnee might go to school on Friday, but I'm not counting on it.

Sorry about your t-shirt mess. That's a disaster.

tharker said...

I was just thinking this morning how what a fun 3 weeks this is going to be.

And seriously, what's with the random advice lady? Was she waiting for him to say, "I can't put my arms down!!" before she would be convinced that he was bundled enough?

Knotaklu said...

You remind me so much of Gail. I remember being gone on a business trip when the kids were the ages of yours. I was looking forward to some home cooking and some quality time with the kids. When I got home, Gail greeted me saying she got a baby sitter and we're going out. When I said "but I've been gone all week" she replied that she's been home alone with little kids and either I take her out, or too the nearest mental health facility. You know what a great mom she was, and you are too.

AOlson said...

Random advice lady needs a nice snowball right between the eyes!! The nerve of some people! Sorry about the box of shirts, I can't believe no one stopped to help. How's that for christmas spirit.

Kelly said...

Oh come on Karen,...You only had two hats on your poor freezing baby? Sheesh...Even people in Western Washington wouldn't be caught dead without wearing at least three hats. :)

The Neff Family said...

I am so sorry that I get so many chuckles out of your misfortune. You need to curl up with a nice cup of hot cocoa and electric blanket and your pocket-sized generator. HA - Love it!