Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holy Moley

How is it the last day of February? Seriously. How did that happen? I feel like I was literally just putting away the Halloween decorations and here I am looking at new treats to add to my Easter goodies.

Time is whizzing by.

Did I mention that Austin is rounding the corner of 9 months old? Ok, so he still has a few weeks to go but he is my own little reminder that life never really does slow down. It only gets faster and faster and I need to hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

Yesterday was Austin's appointment in the big city. My little man was born with a congenital melanocystic nevus on his right hip which is a fancy word for big. hairy. mole. It was literally the first thing I saw when they put him on my chest and with all the motherly love I could muster post birth, I pointed at it and said "WHAT IS THAT?"

It kinda freaked me out.

They reassured me that all was well and he was perfectly fine and Brad and I thanked the heavens that this large lesion was in such an inconspicuous place. The good doctor even remarked that if one of his teenage girlfriends ever mentioned it later in life, then we'd know that she had seen too much.

The problem with the big hairy mole is that it has to be removed. The liklihood of it turning into something later in life is high and so it must come off. Which means my little one must have surgery. Under anesthesia. And I'm thankful for the technology but I hate that he has to do it.

We will soon be visiting with a renowned pediatric plastic surgeon to get the gameplan. I'm anxious to know what lies ahead and when this will all take place but I also wish I could just hold my little man close and keep all scalpels and knives at bay.

Because really? Big hairy mole or not, my little man is perfect.


tharker said...

Sending your baby into surgery is a scary experience. There's nothing quite like watching perfect strangers wheel away your little one. But it sounds like Austin is in great hands and hopefully the surgery won't take too long, and you'll have sweet little man back in your arms.

I am happy to help in any way. I can watch kids, whatever. Just let me know!

I've stared at those pictures of your yummy lunch on my phone several times. Thanks for the eye candy!!

Amy said...

Poor little guy!
What an appropriate blog post title.

Kelly said...

Oh my, he really is perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent holding and smooching on that little guy yesterday.

It is scary to think of surgery and everything that goes along with it, but he will be in good hands. Not to mention he has the best parents who weigh the risks and benefits in making the best decision for him.

Thanks for making my Friday afternoon so much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...I'm pretty sure I've never been so thankful for wearing waterproof mascara. Good times indeed! I love you!

Knotaklu said...

How could he be anything but perfect with you and Brad for parents, hairy mole and all!!!!

Lisa said...

I feel your pain! Nothing is worse than sending your baby in for a surgery or procedure or anything like that!

I hope that all goes well and that this becomes a distant memory soon :)

By the way....thanks for offering help :) We'll see how things go and I'll call you if anything comes up!

Sara said...

I am glad this can be removed and that it isn't anything to serious.

Sarah said...

I hope everything goes well with Austin's surgery. I can't believe how old he is already! He is such a cute little guy.