Thursday, May 14, 2009


Dear Hannah,

I've seen some pretty great things coming from you lately and I wanted to say a quick thanks. A lot of the troubles we were having months ago are suddenly no longer issues and I know it's because you've been working hard. Hard to be happy, hard to not get bogged down in the details, hard to be the sweet girl we all love.

I ran into your teacher the other day at school and she stopped me for a second. "I'm so proud of Hannah," she gushed. "She's making such great choices and shows up every morning with a smile on her face." I am so proud too.

I see so much of myself in you that it often scares me. I see you fight your way for everything, to be heard, to be seen, to be noticed and I hope you know that I always see. I always hear. I always notice.

One of the things Dad and I talk to you endlessly about is the choices you make. Choosing to be happy, rather than sad. Choosing to eat what's been prepared for you rather than throwing a fit. Choosing the clothes in your closet instead of worrying about what you don't have. I have seen so much progress in the choices you're making my dear and it literally makes my heart sing.

I worry for you, like all moms worry for their kids, but the prayer I find myself uttering most often is that you'll get out of your own way. That you'll see how much fun you are, that you'll recognize your abilities and talents and thrive with what you've been given. That you'll spend less time thinking about what your friends have and see all that you have right in front of you.

One of my favorite things about you right now is how you help with your little brother. You are so sweet with him, so calming and helpful and he lights up when you're around. You always know how to calm him when he's upset, and hearing you sing to him is the sweetest sound I know. You are going to be a remarkable mother someday, with all your compassion and grace and I can't wait to see the miracles you'll create.

Just remember this, sweet girl: you are loved by a Mama who understands who you are and what you need. We may not always agree but at the very core of who I am is a woman who would give anything for your happiness. I know it's hard, this whole being a kid thing, but as long as we stick together, we can do anything.



Kelly said...

What a fantastic sequence of pictures! I just love that girl.
Great post!

tharker said...

I'm so proud of Hannah! I've been meaning to tell you for weeks now, but when the girls were here the day you took Austin to the hospital, Hannah was the sweetest, most polite, most helpful that I've ever seen her. (and she's always good for me) But there WAS something different about her, and now I know what it was.

Good for you Hannah Marissa for trying so hard. You are one fantastic girl, and we love you so much!

Trevor and Sara said...

Okay, you're not allowed to write posts like this during the school day because what happens is I go to my blod during my prepe, I notice you have a new post, I click to it, read it, and then bawl my eyes out. You know how much I love my mother, but I just imagine what it would have felt like to hear from her the words you just said to your would have felt AMAZING. Good for you, Karen. I am truly impressed.

AOlson said...

You do it every time Karen! I love how you write! Hannah is amazing, I hope the girls get to be in class together next year.

Mimi said...

I think your title says it all. We were not put on this planet to go it alone, but there are wonderfully determined children like Hannah who try. She is lucky to have her caring and patient family to always be there together with her, and you are so very lucky to have a beautiful, charming and giving child like Hannah! This post truly warmed my heart!!!

Stacia said...

That is wonderful! I know in preschool this was a challenge and to know she is working hard and able to enjoy life more makes me smile!

Way to go Hannah! Love you!

Miss Stacia

Anonymous said...

Wow Karen you are looking skinny! Keep it up!

Lisa said...

oh goodness....that paragraph about making choices is EXACTLY what I say to my girls everyday....EXACTLY!

This is the sweetest letter. What a keepsake this will be to Hannah!