Monday, August 31, 2009

She Did It, With Just A Few Tears Shed

All summer long, Hannah has been apprehensive about first grade.

"It's just such a long time to be gone Mama."

"I'm gonna miss you so much."

"I'll never get to go to McDonald's for lunch again!"

I've tried to make her transition to first grade as seamless as possible. We celebrated her choice in backpack (after searching high and low mind you) picked out adorable first day clothes, met with friends, packed a spectacular inaugural lunch and made our way to school. All morning long she overflowed with excitement, repeating how excited she was, how ready she was, how she couldn't wait to see her desk and find out if "first graders play on the big playground at recess."

All was well until it was time to say goodbye to Mama.

Luckily, her good friend Megan was standing nearby and offered to hold Hannah's hand until she felt better. Bless you, sweet Megan.

After checking on her several minutes later, I was happy to see her working at her desk, a smile on her face. Of all my little ones, Hannah needs reassurance the most. I am happy to oblige.

And then there was Spence, who, after helping me unload six dozen donuts for the parents and staff, waved me away and said "see you after school!" He couldn't wait for fourth grade and all it had to offer. Man I love that kid.

And then there's this little peanut. So irresistible it's almost painful. She doesn't start school until next week but couldn't pass up a chance in the spotlight.

I can't believe school has begun and I can't wait to see what the new year brings. Good luck little ones!


Sarah said...

I think those first couple days of first grade are an adjustment, but then after that they are good to go with being gone the whole day. Hannah will do great! I hope Sienna's arm is doing better too and the sling isn't bothering her.

Lisa said...

Yes, poor little Lorelai had to miss out on all the back to school excitement too....her preschool doesn't start till next week as well. Which means one more back to school photoshoot at out house!

Glad all went well for Hannah in the end :)

Kelly said...

Those pictures are precious tears and all. I think it's so sweet that her friend offered Hannah her sweet. I hope you have a wonderful school year too!!

Tiffany said...

How cute!!!! I am not looking forward to sending Paige to Kindergarden next year! It's going to be hard! Such a good family you have and you are an AWESOME mom!

Marilyn said...

your kids are all gorgeous [just like you] and I love the stories you tell about them.

tharker said...

As sad as it was for her to be crying, I'm actually glad you snapped a picture of it. It's so sweet and sad all at the same time. You'll do great Hannah Marissa!

My Hannah and (your) Spencer sound so much alike. A wave and a goodbye and they're good to go.

I love that little Sienna! She was so cute yesterday when she was telling me about starting preschool next week. She definitely can't wait!

vwbabe said...

Can't wait to get up there and enjoy these moments with you!! Sims talks everyday about preschool. He is so excited. You are a fantastic mom. Good job. Hannah is a gem.

dandee said...

Oh, your children are growing so big!

Happy back to school!