Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Things It Took Me 34 Years To Figure Out About Myself

I hate plaid.
Curtains, jammies, shirts, couches, all of it.
I'm not a fan of it reappearing in fashion.


I'm incredibly vain.
Not as in won't-go-to-the-store-without-makeup vain, but fat vain. Weight vain. My girlfriend once offered to fly me out to Chicago to visit her and I wouldn't go because I felt too fat. I'm such a moron. And I honestly never knew this until we were in Cabo and the subject somehow came up and I refuted my vainness to which Connor replied "have you ever met yourself?"
Man I love that Connor.


I cannot live a day without chocolate.
I always thought that I had to deny my love
of the brown stuff in order to be healthy but now I've realized that
I'm a much happier me if I indulge daily.


I'm a dance snob.
With a lifetime of training under my belt, I cannot tolerate mediocre dancing which is why shows like "Dancing With The Stars" literally make me want to punch the television. I love to watch people with actual talent, but the rest of those shows make me
roll me eyes in the snobbiest way possible.


I only read fluff.
I read constantly and am always in the middle of a book, but very rarely do my books have any redeeming qualities. I read about love and life, babies and weddings, pomp and circumstance. I rarely read anything with social commentary or roots deep in history.
I read crap. And I love it.


My favorite way to spend time with my kids is watching movies.
I want to be the mom that makes bird nests out of toothpicks and creates a treasure map for us to go exploring with, but really? I love to be curled up with all my babes snuggled in watching a movie. Ok, maybe it's not my favorite thing, but it's what I do most often,
particularly this time of year.


I have no desire to teach again.
I always thought that once my kiddos were all in school, I'd return to the classroom. When I did teach, a hundred years ago, I LOVED having my own room and being someone that
people came to for advice about their kids. Now it all exhausts me.
I'm happy to sub, especially in high school (which I'm doing right now) where I can spend my time reading (fluff) and browsing the internet.


Good food makes me happy.
So this one is a no-brainer but the idea of good food, making good food, eating good food, having someone else make me good food, can brighten my day like nothing else.
Hence, why I am fat vain. It's a vicious circle.


I love to shop.
This isn't exactly new to me either but how I think about it is. My loving husband always used to say that I needed to shop to be happy and I would stoutly refuse that, but now, yeah, shopping does make me really, really happy. Finding something new for my house or more recently, for me to wear, rocks my world. I don't need to do it, exactly, but I really, really like to.


I love having family in town.
I've always loved the fact that we were the ones who lived "away." I'm not sure why but I felt like it was cool for us to have our own life outside of family. Now that my brother and sister-in-law are here, I realize I was a total fool. Sunday dinners are awesome, running errands with Jen is the best, and having someone to help and be helped by is what this life is all about.
I'm so happy they are here.


I knew Brad was "the one" almost immediately.
And it wasn't just that I saw myself living a happy life with him. I knew from the get-go that he was made for me and that we wouldn't just be happy, we would be blissfully, over-the-moon, completely in love with each other for a lifetime to come.
And we are.


Kelly said...

Interesting, I learned a little about you today! I didn't know about your hatred of all things plaid... or that you're love of teaching has waned. I did know about your brown food addiction and completely agree a daily dose makes for happiness. I too love Connor, he is a wise, truthful man!! And you and Brad are a match made in the heavens... a perfect match!

Love you!! Have a wonderful day!

Janna G said...

I am so with you on the reading fluff thing. I love it! and the making bird nests out of toothpick is a hoot. I feel the same way, like I should be doing daily projects with them, but I would rather snuggle with them on the couch with a good movie or book.

Marilyn said...

Awesome list. I also really love living near family, can't imagine it any other way.

AOlson said...

I LOVE reading your log. This was a graet list to read! I think I can claim most of those myself too. Reading fluff, fat vain, love food and chocolate, shopping is the best. Yep, a few things in common!

Lisa said...

I love how you just know who you are. I admire that so much. And I can relate to a few myself- reading fluff, shopping, fat vain...

Jen said...

Love your list...we share many things in common. Fluff, chocolate, spending time with kids, good food, shopping.

vwbabe said...

Good list. I am glad to be closer to you guys too. We have really enjoyed it. Now only if Sims could move in with you guys, it would really help me out :)

dandee said...

I like plaid. It will always remind me of the plaid shirts my dad wears in the winter time. So cozy, comfortable, and warm.

I do, however know exactly what you mean about knowing your spouse was "the one" immediately. The second I saw Ryan I knew he would be my match. Well, hoped at least.

dandee said...

p.s. your new banner screams KAREN! i love it!

Sarah said...

I totally agree with you on the food thing. Love good food, it makes me so happy! I think it's because our family gatherings always had tons of it and that's where everyone congregates during get togethers. And having family members live close by is such a treat. I keep trying to get my brother's and their families to move back this way so Kendle can be closer to her cousins. This was a fun list to read about you.

Heather said...

This was fun to read. I was feeling bad about my reading recently because I'm surrounded by literary geniouses... I'm glad lots of others read non-classics and feel great about it too.

Dallin & Ashley said...

I think my favorite is the last statement. Because I felt/feel the same way about Dallin. And books. I love reading, but I love the stupid corny love stories that have absolutely no educational value :) I'm just that way. I blame it on the romantic in me. :)

stylist to the stars said...

Love your list. Fun to read and learn a few things.

Mimi said...

Straight-shooter should be on this list of yours, but maybe it didn't take you 34 years to discover that about yourself. It is one of the many qualities that I love about you!! Thanks for the talk today:)

Anonymous said...

Did Connor really say that? Was he joking? Did you drop a jelly fish into his swim trunks?

Jose said...

I never like that gringo. Next time I see heem, I will not sell heem nothing!

Lisa said...

great post.

Confession from me though: I love plaid. Love it.

Can we still be friends? :)

PRP said...

Connor, yes, you said it and I loved it! Sometimes you just have to hear the truth, you know? And I won't even spit in your food next week...I know you love me.

Lisa, I'm willing to overlook the plaid thing because I think you're fantastic. Just this once, though, ok? :)

tharker said...

I didn't dance all my life and I'm still a dance snob. After watching SYTYCD for so many years, I just can't handle Dancing with the Stars anymore. I LOVE the talent that ooozes out of those kids on SYTYCD! (and maybe I'm trying to live out my unfulfilled dreams through them...whatever)

I only like plaid on the cute shorts for girls during the summer. That's about it.

After spending last weekend with me, I'm sure you have NO doubt just how happy good food makes me.

Loved your list. Love you more!

Michele said...

It's a good thing you didn't go to St. Anthony's with us!