Monday, October 05, 2009

One Short Day In The Emerald City

6:45 am
A very sleep but completely excited Hannah and I get ready to head to the land of Oz

Viera's Bakery. Duh.

7:09-10:14 am
Hannah and I sing the Wicked soundtrack over and over and over and over. We love it. Hannah knows all the songs by heart.

10:15 am
We meet Grandma and Kelly to shop. An even more excited Hannah gets loaded up on clothes

12:10 pm
We grub on a yummy lunch at Grandma's before getting ready for the big show

1:32 pm
We see the huge Wicked poster outside the Paramount and pose for a quick picture

1:41 pm
We stop at the top of the stairs to take in the beauty of the Paramount. It feels magical inside.

1:55 pm
We giggle in our seats as we hear the orchestra start warming up

4:47 pm
Hannah starts crying uncontrollably when she thinks Elpheba has died. "She's not even mean Mama! Everyone just thinks she is!"

4:53 pm
Hannah is incredibly relieved. She now thinks Elpheba and Fiyero's "trick" was brilliant.

5:40 pm
We eat a yummy meal at Red Robin, per Hannah's request, and talk about our fantastic day

8:00 pm
Hannah and I drop Kelly off at her house

11:12 pm
We pull into the driveway at home, exhausted but loving every minute of our wonderfully Wicked day. Hannah mumbles "call Grandma and thank her for me Mama" as we lay her in bed.

Thanks Grandma. We loved it.


Heather said...

What a great day! Glad Hannah had so much fun.

tharker said...

I love her reaction to Elphaba melting. Sweet girl!

Your day in the Emerald City sounds like nothing short of perfection!

Love the green coat!!!!

Mimi said...

I wouldn't change one thing if I were planning the perfect day with my little girl! Wonderful job Karen!!!

AOlson said...

Really does sound magical!! Glad you had such a memorable time together!!

Tana said...

Some times those quick trips are the best and most memorable. Glad you got to enjoy some one on one with Hannah.

Hannah's 34-yr-old BFF said...

Hannah looks more frightened by -- as opposed to impressed with -- the paramount decor...

Love that girl!

Amy said...

Sooo jealous! Jeff and I saw it in New York. But my girls want to go see it so bad, and we of course, would love to see it again. You look super awesome by the way. Love the belt and the green coat!

Sarah said...

That pretty much sounds like a perfect day. Donuts, shopping, grandma time, and one of the best musicals ever. You are one fun momma!

lindsay>boo said...

I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time. She's gonna remember this forever---she sure picked something good to be "her thing."

Lisa said...

What a day, what a day!

She'll remember it forever.

Kelly said...

It really was a great day, wasn't it? Thanks a ton!!