Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bathroom Grows Up

I had a bit of a fit last week.

I'd been making plans to redo the kids bathroom for quite some time. I shopped around, looking for just what I wanted and when I found it, I did what I always do.

I didn't buy it.

At the time, I rationalized that I shouldn't spend the money, it was nothing I needed, just something I wanted, blah, blah, blah. I figured it would always be there and that when I did have the money and I could justify doing the room, I would go and get it.

Except that it wasn't there anymore. And I couldn't find anything similar. Anywhere. And I was horked.


Brad was being uuber supportive and sent me out early Saturday to "get what I needed." He encouraged me to shop and told me that he would be at home waiting for instruction. Matt and Jen offered to come and help us paint, sand, hang, etc so with my crew in place, I went to get the goods.

After stops to five different stores and nothing to show for it, I came home defeated. I was grumpy and moody and all "what the farg?" It was not pretty. Matt and Jen arrived, took note of my sour mood and should have piled back into their van, but instead said "Let's go!" Jen promised me we'd find what I was looking for and her enthusiasm almost made me believe her. We made a few more unsuccessful stops and then on a whim ran into Burlington, a store I never go to and have little faith in.

But there! In the back! Hanging on the wall! The shower curtain I'd been looking for! And then over there! The towels! The perfect shade of the color I was building the whole room around! And then up there! In the accessories! A series of baskets made just for my space! And then that picture! The one with the tub and the pattern and the colors, framed in all it's 16x20 glory!

It was a Burlington miracle.

President Hinckley's B's are going to go in each frame.I figured they would be a good reminder for the kiddo's as they brush their teeth each morning.

Isn't she lovely?


tharker said...

I love your new bathroom so much, and I LOVE that you used PURPLE as one of your colors...ya know, since it is your favorite color and all. Love the idea for the 6 B's going in the frames. Once again, you show that you truly are a genius!

Mimi said...

It is SPLENDID! The deep colors make it energizing and happy. Do you find yourself finding reasons to visit it's lovliness? I would!

Kelly said...

Beauty! I love the cheery green walls and I want a set of those towel hooks. Nice job!

Sarah said...

It looks amazing. I love the vibrant colors and that shower curtain is right up my alley. Love it. Glad you were able to finally find exactly what you were looking for. That is the best feeling. Thanks again from keeping me from driving to Wendy's for that burger today. I owe you a granola bar or two!

vwbabe said...

It does look awesome. The real miracle was how you and Brad painted everything while we were at church so that I didn't even have to paint! Love it. It is good to be home. Now lets get our SHADE on!

Marilyn said...

It turned out great! Love it.

polka dots said...

as a fellow lover of all things color...i think it turned out great.

AOlson said...

LOVE IT!!! Come do mine next!!!

Amy said...

I love it! I've been trying to come up with an idea for my kids bathroom. Something that represents both boys and girls, something no one will whine about. Something that doesn't involve using the same shower curtain that has followed us all the way from Rhode Island, to utah, to Washington. I love decorating so much, but the kid's bath is stumping me. I feel inspired now. Thanks!

Tiffany said...

OMG!! Seriously.......THAT IS THE SAME SHOWER CURTAIN I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!! I can't believe it's REAL! I love it! I thought it would only be in my dreams.......I love it!!!!!