Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Like so many other LDS families, last Monday night we made our annual pilgrimage to the Pumpkin Patch. We have a great farm to visit here in our neck of the woods complete with carousel, hay pyramid, petting zoo and corn maze. I balked at the price tag accompanying this night of fun but rationalized that it only happens once a year.

We got a later start than I had originally planned thanks to some really yummy chili and cornbread made by my SIL Jen and it was nearly dark when we finally boarded the tractor to find our 6 little pumpkins. After a free carousel ride thanks to the late hour that we visited the patch, I was feeling rather generous and sent my kids off to find the biggest pumpkins their little arms could carry, knowing that the additional 24 cents per pound would be money well spent. Spence found a huge one, Hannah was next in line and Sienna pointed hers out to dad to carry as it was "weally, weally, heavy."

When we returned back to the farm to pay, a nice young farmer yelled out to us "the cashier's already gone home so the pumpkins are on us!"

We'll definitely be visiting them again next year.

Probably in the dark.


tharker said...

How nice of them to let you have the pumpkins! I thought the pumpkin patch was so well put together this year, and my kids (well 2 of them anyway) really loved the carosel.

Love the family picture!

Shayla said...

Looks like we left a little too early on Monday. :-)

vwbabe said...

Cutest family picture ever...only if Sienna was looking at the camera. Oh well. We had a blast. Even better times will be had next year!

Amy said...

We need to come to your pumpkin patch! Seriously, after the hot chocolate, the rides and the pumpkins plus the admission fee for the corn maze, we spend a hundred bucks. And that's with two kids free! Looks like so much fun though. We are making our annual pilgrimage this Saturday. Our second mortgage on the house should come through by Friday so we'll have the funds! Not really. But it is super fun and totally worth it.

Sarah said...

Free pumpkins - what an awesome bonus to your super fun night! I love that last picture of your family.

Kelly said...

That is a great story! I'm sure your kids will remember this trip to the patch for years to come.