Monday, November 23, 2009

A Time To Chill

I haven't been very quiet about the fact that I've been freezing for four and a half days. Ice cold, teeth-chattering, wearing my coat all day kind of freezing. It seems that the powers that be in mainstream education feel that it's best to put money into silly things, like paying for tests that kids don't pass, rather than warming the bodies of the people in their buildings and I am not having it. Because even though my love for the best! coat! ever! runs deep, no one likes to sit around in wool all day, myself included.

I've been so cold in fact that yesterday, while meeting with a grand man who wears many hats in my life for a recommend interview, I asked him to take off his church hat and put on his admin hat and literally, help a sister out. He switched gears effortlessly and gave me the insider extension to get the heat in my room cranked up.

But now I feel lame calling and complaining because really? What else would I do if I couldn't comment on my coldness?

To prepare for the frigid week ahead, I also spent a few minutes yesterday making some of these. They are adorable. Warm and soft and perfect for typing and reading and card making. And they are sitting adorably on my kitchen counter as I type. And my frigid hands are not with them. Drat.

I think all of the ice running through my veins is starting to get to me because I'm at a total Christmas card stand still and I don't know what to do. I figured it all out, had a plan, went to the store, changed the plan completely to a new and better plan, bought adorable trinkets and doo-dads and can't create a decent card to save my life. I'm about to scribble "Go Christmas!" on a post-it and send it on it's not so merry way. I'm always annoyed when my brain gets in the way of me doing things.

Happens all the time.

I blame the cold.

The kids have been making fun of me for being so cold because they are apparently used to it. Used to freezing their hiney's off as they try to break the code of AP environmental science. Teasing me for hunkering down in my seat and repeatedly blowing on my hands.

I wonder what they'll say tomorrow when I show up in my snow pants and parka.

I find myself looking at the clock every 12.7 seconds because I am literally counting down to warmer weather. I'm going to race home with the heat on high, pull on three pairs of sweats and two hoodies and burrow under my down comforter and not think about tomorrow when I have to return to the arctic.

In the meantime, I think I'll start addressing those post-its.


tharker said...

Maybe I should come hang out in your classroom, I bet it would feel just right to me ;)

As for the cards, maybe you should just go to sleep. Your best inspirations comes to you in your dreams, remember?

Love the handwarmers!

Cathy said...

Okay Karen, I have to confess that I have been lurking on your blog for months! But, as a former public school teacher you had me laughing out loud. So I thought it was about time I commented. Mostly I wanted you to know that I am green with envy over your writing capabilities. You are a very talented writer, and I love to read your thoughts. Thanks for brightening my day. (PS - one a side not my husband told me yesterday that Spencer is such a great kid in his primary class - thought you'd like to know:) Don't freeze, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Heather said...

I'd offer you some reprieve, but we all know what you think of the temp at my house. Enjoy being bundled!

Jack Frost even in JUNE said...

Welcome to my life... I can NEVER buy short-sleeve shirts (unless I buy a sweater to go with). I can NEVER wear strappy shoes. I can NEVER be cute... for fear of frost-bite. True story: at my last school, boilers were turned off completely by April... three months of spring with no heat... spring here equates to 50 degrees!!!

Kelly said...

You should try subbing at my kids' school... It is seriously a SAUNA! When you walk into the classroom it's like being hit by a tropic heat wave every time.

I'm sorry you're cold, but you words make me laugh!

vwbabe said...

I think the only reasonable solution is that you need to pack the pounds of insulation back on. Lets work on that this week, bring on the turkey.