Monday, November 16, 2009


Today is the day that I'm trying to keep in perspective.

To not get bogged down in the nutty details of life but find joy in the small things.

To see trials for what they are and find the blessings that lurk within.

But it's real, real hard.


Austin came down with a severe case of bronchitis on Saturday evening which meant I didn't get to attend Stake Conference yesterday and see, in our own small town, Jeffery R. Holland stand at the pulpit and address us.

But my husband and older kids did.


I'm trying to make plans for the week ahead and get a jump on my Christmas cards but our external hard drive crashed last week which means everything is missing. All of our

PTO stuff
church stuff

is locked in a little black box that doesn't want to give them back. We've had people working on it feverishly but it's looking like we'll need to send if off and hope the professionals can retrieve our life, to the tune of somewhere around $1000.

But at least I've posted some pictures to the blog that I know are safe.


I'm subbing for the next week and a half, something that has been on the books since September and while I was originally thrilled at the extra money we'd have, it now looks like it will all be going to repair the external hard drive and pay my silly little ticket from last week.

But at least extra money is coming in.


So here's where I am: trials suck. They do. But if you look real, real hard, there is also something good to be found.


tharker said...

You're right. Trials do suck. But at least you're trying to find the bright side. Let me know what I can help with!

Amy said...

Looking back, I can see our trials as the greatest learning experiences of our married life. At the time it seemed like we've done something to really offend someone, but now I can see blessings and promises fulfilled through those trials. We're still finishing out one of those big trials, and I'm glad it's almost over, but I can see the growth we've experienced because of it. And honestly, I know that you know all of this, it was just nice to read you post and be able to talk about it. You're a rock Karen. Love you!

Amy said...

I am so, so sorry. Sorry that you missed Elder Holland, and so sorry about your computer. I hope you can get everything back! Or at least the pictures!!!

I hope little Austin is feeling better.

vwbabe said...

Just remember when all is said and done, you are awesome. You have a great family and an awesome sister in law to help you out (am I talking about myself again? sheesh.) You will get through this.

Kelly said...

Way to keep your head up! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Austin feels better soon and that your whole life will be rescued from that stupid little black box!

AOlson said...

I second Tiff and Jen. You amaze me with all of your strength and courage. You are FIERCE!! You will get through this and then we can discuss it at our Converts Meeting:)

Cajsa said...

I know what you mean. Hopefully things will get much better. If you need help I'm just around the corner and home with Nyah all week.

dandee said...

Keep your chin up. Things are bound to get better, right?

hatch said...

Trials do such, but you are right there is always something good to be found.

Hope Austin feels better soon.