Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Christmas Letters, Day 1

Dear Spence,

I know it's been awhile since I've written. I wish I had a good reason for but it's actually very silly. Whenever I think of writing to you, I find myself stuck on the same words. Words like kind and generous and gentle spirit. Words that make me so proud to be your mom. Words that leave me standing back, watching you take on the world with a perspective and spirit that is all your own.

You've been growing at your usual rate, passing up friends and needing new shoes/pants/socks every other week. You are closing in on me quickly and an extra twinkle seems to appear in your eyes when you stand at my side to see how you measure up.

With a great stature on your side, your emotional maturity is equal to the task. I beamed with pride at your Holiday Program when the rest of the choir tired of standing and chose to sit down, you remained standing, knowing it was important to show your peers that their work was important. Several kids around you tried to get you to sit and you quietly shook your head and turned back to the stage. At 9 1/2, you somehow know that it's important to validate the efforts of others. How I wish you could teach that to the rest of the world.

Actually, you probably will.

And I loved when your sweet little cousin spent the night a few weeks back and we ran into each other in the hallway early in the morning, I told you to curl up in the toy room and quietly watch TV. You said you wanted to read in bed because you didn't want Sims to be afraid if he woke up alone. And it wasn't a hard choice for you to make. It wasn't a sacrifice. It was simply the kind thing to do for a cousin so much younger than you. My heart nearly burst with love for you that morning.

But my most favorite thing about you right now is how you are determined to hold onto the magic of Christmas. While most of your friends have stopped believing and although you have wavered a bit yourself, I can see how much you want to believe in all of it. In the magic of the holidays, in the spirit of Christmas, in the goodness of people and the feelings that come when we hold ourselves still and open up to the world around us. You are quite simply a dream of a boy, a child who is walking the line between little boy and grown up and I have loved every step of the way.

Merry Christmas Spence.



Mimi said...

This is a beautiful letter! I have said this before, Spencer is lucky to have you as a mom, and you are equally lucky to have him!

Kelly said...

My eyes are welling up. What a sweet letter. I have no doubt Spencer will do great things in the future. We could all learn a thing or two from that handsome kid!

tharker said...

Spencer is such a great boy. We love him!

I love this picture. He looks so grown up!