Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Letters, Day 4

Dear Austin,

There is something extra magical about having a wee one around at Christmas time. Even though you are too young to understand what's going on, watching your face in the light of the tree or examining the packages below has been one of my very favorite things this season. Your entire face lights up at all the things we encounter throughout the day and it's been so fun to watch.

You've had quite a year, going under the knife for three different surgeries and battling your share of ear infections, bronchitis, the flu and several colds. You are a trooper regardless of what's thrown your way and your resilience will serve you well. I'm hopeful that your physical trials are behind you and will enjoy a hospital free future. You deserve it.

Your personality is emerging more and more each day and we are so in love with who you are. I'm so glad I had such a strong impression to bring you to our family. We would be lost without you. Your laughter is contagious, your curiosity amazing and your warm little heart the most tender of all. You love to snuggle with anyone who will have you and there are always takers to be found.

I hope the magic of this Christmas will stay in your heart forever and you will feel the love of your Heavenly Father who know exactly what he was doing when he sent you to us.

Merry Christmas sweet baby.



Mimi said...

It is hard to remember the Johnson Family without this beautiful little boy! Merry Christmas Johnsons!

tharker said...

I melt everytime he smiles at me. Those eyes and those dimples...and I'm a goner!