Friday, December 18, 2009

Ridiculously Happy Today

...Because one of the best people on the planet is celebrating her birthday today. She is fabulous from head to toe. Kind, gracious, loyal, hilarious and the superb in every way. Happy Day dear friend. I love you completely. Wish I was wherever you are on this special day.

...Because after a few anxious weeks, a friend got some miraculous news regarding the health of her son. He is well. Perfectly, happily, graciously well. A Christmas miracle indeed.

...Because when the clock hits 3:20 this afternoon, my whole brood will come home and we will delight in the next two weeks together. I'm so glad I married a school teacher.

...Because there are still a few pieces of fudge in my fridge.

...Because my babe is having a delicious nap this morning.

...Because this time of year is made for miracles and I am seeing them everyday. What a lucky gal I am.


Kelly said...

Thanks Karen, I love you too and wish you were by my side right this minute.

Thank goodness for Christmas miracles, fun families, and fudge!

Enjoy this happy day!

tharker said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

That is great news about your friend's son! I've been wondering how he is doing. Miracles never cease!!