Thursday, January 28, 2010

He Works Hard For The Money

Austin has a new game.

It's called Push-The-Little-Tables-All-Over-The-House.

There aren't any rules. Anyone can play. No age limits or fussy pieces to keep track of. No rhyme or reason as to where he takes his tables or why.

Just pushing. The kind of pushing where you have to lean in and put your back into it.

So to speak.

I was watching him earlier and found myself thinking "Ugh! I know exactly how you feel Austin. Pushing through life with heavy things in your way, slowing you down, making you trip up, loosing your footing and feeling like you do it all just so you can do it all again."

And then I thought about it some more.

Austin doesn't see it that way.

He's happy to have work to do, and people to make smile, and a purpose to his little life right now. He's grateful for an imaginative mind that can find fun in the most mundane of things. He's happy to have tables just his size that make him feel successful. He's thrilled about the music he creates from the sound of the tables legs on the tile floor. He's even thankful for his mom who is getting less and less rigid everyday and is ok with the chaos he creates. He's happy, even if it's just pushing tables.

Thanks little man. I'll be right here pushing along side you.


Amy said...

LOL... sorry but this post has me laughing. Just because I can picture that determined look on his face. The same look that Addison has as he daily (more accurately 5 times daily) empties my pantry onto the kitchen table, one soup can, jar of jam or bottle of mustard at a time. Cracks. me. up.

tharker said...

Way to keep your mama on her toes, Austin!

Heather said...

So cute! Keep plugging away Austin.

Sara said...

What a handsome little man. Having small children remind us what life is really all about, discovery.

Cajsa said...

At least you know that when you want to rearrange some furniture you have a little helper. Yippee!!!

Mimi said...

He looks like such a BOY now!! I love that he found himself a job and I think it is wonderful how the older we get the more relaxed we are about the placement of little tables.

Trevor and Sara said...

He keeps getting more and more handsome! I love the fact that little ones get so much joy out of the little things!

Sarah said...

"Finding joy in the simple things." Our kids teach us so much. He is one little cutie pie for sure.

Kelly said...

A boy after my own heart. I love rearranging furniture. Keep on pushin' kiddo...What a complete cutie!