Thursday, March 11, 2010

Under Seige

I am still alive. I am still on the couch. I am still bored out of my mind.


To spice things up, one or two or three of my children has been throwing up for the past 6 days which has made life around here exciting. Hannah came down with it first on Saturday morning. I joined the ranks around 5 that evening and can I just say, in a voice laced with hatred, that throwing up after major abdominal surgery is my new definition of hell. on. earth. I literally thought I was going to spontaneously combust and cease to exist any longer because the pain was unreal. I was the most needy I have been since Operation Karen 2.0 began and Brad worked tirelessly to help me through it all. Until Sienna decided to unload in the hallway around 10:30 that night. As Brad raced to help her, steam-cleaning and hair-holding as fast as he could, Austin started up in his crib. And I laid in my bed and listened to it all completely unable to do a darn thing to help. I slept on the bathroom floor for awhile while Brad cared for our two little sickies. He spent a miserable night trying to take care of them and woke up with his own case of the yucks early Sunday morning.

Like I said, hell on earth.

But Spencer! Glorious sweet Spencer who spent all of Sunday caring for his entire family. I tried to lay perfectly still in my permanent section of the couch while Brad rested next to me. Sienna and Hannah were in sleeping bags on the ground below us and Austin wandered around wondering why his parents had suddenly given up parenting. Spencer passed out Saltines and refilled sippies with 7-up. We would not have survived if it hadn't been for our Spence.


I'd like to say that we're all on the mend but we have had random barfies ever since. Austin on Monday. Hannah Tuesday night. Sienna and Austin both last night. No other symptoms. No fevers. Just barfies.

Good times.

Because of all of this, I am officially declaring March as Suck-It Month. Last March, our little family spent three weeks quarantined with one sort of yuck or another and here we are again. I always look forward to March, welcoming it's slightly warmer weather and blue skies. But now I know what March is really all about. Suffering and pain and misery. Well March, take note that I am on to you and am not playing your games any longer. You are officially the worst month of the year. You and your little leprechaun friends can go find someone else to torment. I am done.

Is it April yet?


Sara said...

Ouch, major headache for you and your family. You didn't miss much the sun is so overrated. Hope your feeling better.

Kelly said...

Wow, a total barf-o-rama. I can't even imagine the horror of it all.

April will be here before you know it... barf-free, tulips blooming, and Easter basket filling good times.

Hugs to you and your fam!

tharker said...

Oh, I totally forgot about the horror that was last March for your family. Yeah, March is no good for you!

Here's to April coming real fast :)