Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Letters

Dear St. Patrick's Day,

I'm not even the teensiest bit Irish but today makes me happy. Green eggs and toast for breakfast, new shirts for the kids and an afternoon of fun. Thanks for making a boring old Wednesday something worth celebrating.

Top of the morning to ya,


Dear AT&T,

I'm on the verge of a very big birthday and what I want more than anything is an iPhone but your coverage in my neighborhood sucks. I drop calls constantly, get no bars in my own home, and get most of my messages hours after they've been left for me. You and your stupid iPhone are no good for me. And that makes me sad.

Shortly Switching to Verizon,


Dear Sienna,

I know you are scared of your kindergarten shots which are coming later this afternoon, but I'll be with you the whole time. You're a brave little biscuit and will be just fine. Squeeze my hand as hard as you like.



Dear Austin,

I hope you are having a ball at Grandma's house. She said you and cousin Devin are about the cutest things ever. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Don't do anything spectacular without me.



Dear Riz,

Only one more night in your way-too-long career as Man With Two Jobs. Thank you for the many sacrifices you have made to provide for our family. You are the best husband I know. And tonight, we celebrate!



Dear JK Rowling,

Thanks for writing a series that has captured my son's heart. He was hesitant to read your work for fear it would be too scary for him, but he has loved every second of your story. A boy who would rather read for hours on end instead of playing video games? A mother's dream. You and Mr. Potter are magical.

On The Waiting List For Hogwarts,
Mrs. J


Dear Hannah,

I know you've taken your share of hits at school lately and my heart aches for you because of it. I should tell you that sometimes life isn't fair and that these lessons will prepare you for your future but what I really want to say is that sometimes, people just suck. They are mean and selfish and say horrendous things for no other reason than because they are awful little people. Hold your head high, sweet girl. You are exactly as you should be and I love you fiercely.

Proud Mama Bear,


Dear Dr. W,

Just as you said, your work is getting better with every passing day. You are the bomb diggity and I can't thank you enough.

Happily Healing,


Sarah said...

Love these! Glad Spencer is loving Harry Potter. We love him round our place. Sorry to hear Hannah's had a hard time lately. Kids can be so mean sometimes. I think she's a great girl and Kendle is SO glad they are in the same primary class this year.

dandee said...

I've recently heard that AT&T may be losing it's exclusive distribution of the iPhone. Maybe as early as this summer...

Your birthday wish may still come true, eh?

Heather said...

You've had a lot of note worthy events! We're immersed in HP over here too.

tharker said...

I love that Spencer loves HP! (only because I'm STILL obessessed years's just that good!)

Enjoy your green day!

tharker said...

I am totally obsessed, not obessessed ;)

Andre said...

Just finished all HP books myself. Love them, love them.

Mimi said...

My heart goes out to Hannah. First grade has been rough all around. I hope things sweeten over time. Poor Sienna, shots totally stress me out. I hope she earned a big treat. Yippy for green, Harry Potter, no more night job and Grandmas!!!
Enjoy your trip!
I just realized that all of the cool kids are going to Seattle this weekend!

vwbabe said...

Love you and your thoughts. Can't wait to get back and do some serious hanging out. Sorry for Hannah. We have all been there at some point in our lives. It will make her a stronger and better woman.

LindaR said...

What's going on with Hannah at school? You can fill me in next Tuesday.