Monday, June 28, 2010

Run Karen Run

I just got back from a run.

Did you know I'm a runner?

Well, I'm not a runner but I'm slowly learning to be one. I've always been intimidated by running and have told myself (and everyone else) for years that I could not and would not ever be a runner.

I can't breathe right. It hurts my back. I don't enjoy it.

But this morning, I proved myself wrong. Something I LOVE doing. I enjoyed my run. I breathed just fine. My back feels great. And even more than all that, I am appreciative of what my body was able to do. And I appreciate that I can show my children that hard things can be done, that hard work pays off, and that all that matters is that we try.

The other part of my run that I loved was the music. Every morning, Lindsay and I walk together and it has become a lifeline for me. We take turns being each other's therapist (although it usually leans in my favor as that girl is a wise one and has brilliant insights) and I love coming away each morning feeling like I'm known. My girlfriend Erica commented to me a few weeks back that I see her and what a gift that is, to be seen and I couldn't agree more. Lindsay knows me and sees me and I am blessed to be surrounded by people who take in all of me and love me regardless. And so while having an exercise partner is lovely, it's the time spent talking and building each other up that I've really come to rely on. But this morning, after talking for two miles, we put on our headphones and turned up the music to help us run. And I got lost in the music and my run flew by.

I love that. Getting lost in music. It's always amazing to me how music can carry you from one place to another and it was essential for me this morning. I've been bogged down in my own head for a few weeks now but I feel like I ran it out. My head is clear, my confidence is returning, and it will all be okay.

Who knew a run could do all that?

My favorite track from this morning's run? Here.


hatch said...

This moring I had great plans of heading out for a run, but am lacking motivation for some odd reason.
Your post was just what I needed to get myself out the door. So thank-you! Glad you had a great morning!

Mimi said...

I know what you mean about getting lost in music. When a playlist resonates with you, you can completely get lost in time. I too have said I cannot (will not) run, but I love that you are and are showing your kids that attitude can overcome great obstacles. Cheers for Karen!

lindsay>boo said...

I feel exactly the same way. I've LOVED the morning exercise and conversation.

I, too, have told myself that I'm not a runner for years. It was truly exhilarating to have finished that run today. The more we've exercised regularly and increased our workout goals, I've come to realize that we CAN do hard things. Our bodies are getting stronger and it honestly makes me more motivated than ever to keep pushing ourselves.

Though I had to laugh because while you were listening to Five for fighting, I was listening to

The Killers, Taio Cruz, Trey Songz, and yes....Miley Cyrus--Party in the USA....

Dallin and Ashley said...

Running really is theraputic. I believe it. I always had my best runs when I needed some thinking time because it kept my mind of off the actual run itself. :) I can't wait til I can start running again. I feel like walking is more my kind of exercise right now. :)

tharker said...

Why oh why does my husband have to go to work so early? I so wish that I could join you two!!

Once upon a time, I enjoyed running. I really, really did. It was therapeutic, and most of all, it was a real challenge for me. I had to push myself every time, and I loved that feeling.

Now...I feel lucky if I can climb my stairs without wheezing. And that sucks. And now, I want to cry just thinking about it....

And Lindsay...she's a keeper, that one!

Kelly said...

I have a few friends I walk with regularly, and we too call it our "therapy session". It's hard to beat getting excercise, clearing your head, and building stronger friendships all at the same time. Congrats on the run! Try running to Green Day's's physically impossible to walk to that tune.

Here's SEEING you, kid said...

I've never been "a runner," but I love to run--albeit slowly!--on isolated trails in the woods, just me and God, me and God, and sometimes the music, and always The Mountain.

(I love to run to The Killers, Lindsay!)

Camie at "Home is where they love you" said...

Seattle 2011???