Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dear Austin,

Two years ago you came to our family. We didn't know we were missing you until you arrived. You've shown each of us how to love in a whole other capacity and we are grateful for you every single day. I hope you continue on just as you are now: full of wonder, eager to smile, devastatingly sweet, mischievous, breathtakingly shy, and with enough personality to light up every room you're in. The rest of us have an intense love for you and you seem to know how much we needed you. You have completed me as a mother and made me work harder than ever to be all that you deserve. I love you, sweet son, and wish you the happiest of birthdays.



tharker said...

That boy...those big brown eyes...his sweet smile...

Happy Birthday Auzzie!

Kelly said...

Sweet, adorable, can 2 years have passed already? I remember never wanting to stop rocking him in the rocking chair in your hospital room. He was and still is perfection!

dandee said...

you're lying. he can't be two already?!

happy birthday, sweet austin boy.

p.s. love your new look. very summer-y. :)