Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Itinerary

June 11th: Overnight trip to Seattle with my girlies
Father/Son Campout

June 13th: Uncle Matty's Birthday

June 14th: Last Day of School
Begin prep work for patio expansion

June 15th-16th: Pour new patio
Spence begins Scout Camp

June 17th: Brad has a very important procedure with a very important doctor
Lily's birthday

June 18th: Austin's Birthday
Spence finishes Scout Camp
Relay For Life Begins!
Brad finishes patio, 24 hours post-op

June 19th: Relay For Life Ends! 22 miles in 16 hours....so tired....but....it's
Brad's Birthday!

June 21st- June 23rd: Brad at Encampment

June 24th: Enrichment at our house. 65+ women and children...good times!

June 26th: My in-laws come for a visit

June 28th-July 2nd: Hannah has Craft Camp and comes home tickled pink everyday!

July 3rd: Fourth of July Parade
Pre-Funk with the Bacharts and Smiths

July 4th: Fourth of July! Good times with Mattsons and Johnsons

July 5th-10th: Seaside, OR with Grandma, Scot, Kimberlee & Devin

July 6th: Grandma's Birthday!

July 8th: Sienna's Birthday!

July 10th: Leave Seaside and travel to Tacoma, WA for dear friend's daughter's Birthday Party
Spend the night with Sandifers, laughing our hiney's off

July 11th: Watch final World Cup Game with Sandifers
Experience Miner's for the first time...YUM.

July 13th: Belated Birthday Party for Sienna!

July 18th: Teach at Church

July 19th: Head to Coeur d'Alene to stay with Goodes

July 20th: Silverwood with Mattsons! My kids are scaredy cats, just like both Brad and I were as children. Poor sweeties.

July 24th: Boise! Why not start the reunion a little early?

July 29th-August 1st: McCall Reunion. Faced my fear of water by swimming out to the tramp by myself TWICE. It sucked, but I survived.

July 30th: Grandpa's Birthday!

August 3rd: Return to Pasco
Erica and her gorgeous boys arrive
Kimberlee's Birthday and my new niece, Nadia, arrives on her mom's birthday!

August 4th: Grandpa Rick and Grandma Sharon arrive

August 5th: Luau for RS

August 6th: Leave for Seattle
Erica kindly keeps two of our children overnight since we're definitely
beginning to lose it
Begin building deck for Grandma

August 7th: Finish building deck

August 8th: Meet my new niece! Yep, she's gorgeous.
Surprise Spence with a Mariner's game! He loved and appreciated every second.
First water taxi ride

August 9th: Come home! Visited Snoqualmie Falls to show the kids (yay!)
Stuck in horrible traffic (boo!)

August 13th: Ward Campout!

August 15th-20th: Vegas Baby!

August 17th: Uncle Scot's Birthday!

August 21st: Spencer's Triathlon!

August 23rd: Brad returns to school (boo-hiss!)
Begin Rental Renovation...why can't people move out earlier in the summer
when we have time for this sort of thing???

August 24th: Shade Sale Extravaganza (more to come on that later...you won't want to miss it!)

August 30th: School Starts

August 31st: I take a deep breath.

And you wondered why I haven't blogged in ages? There you go. And the sad thing is that this was our attempt at "taking it easy." We didn't want to overbook ourselves like last summer so this is what we came up with.

I know, I'm shaking my head too.


dandee said...

oh my. that is one packed schedule full of happy summertime memories. happy august!

Dallin and Ashley said...

I just took a really deep breath after reading your post. That schedule had my head spinning! :) It sounds like it has been such a fun summer! Enjoy the last bit of it. Glad you're back in the blogging world. I missed you. :)

tharker said...

Isn't this your pretty much your summer, every summer? And it rocks!! Only thing is...I miss ya! Is it sad that I can't wait for school to start for the simple reason that I get to see my girlfriends again?

Heather said...

yikes! good luck on the renovation and if you need any tile work.... (ha ha)

Kelly said...

That's it? :)

Have fun in VEGAS! It's gonna be toasty!

Sarah said...

Wow - I think I broke out in a sweat just reading that! I don't know how you guys do it, but sounds like you're packing in tons of good times.

Jenn said...

Overachiever! But really can I be one of your kids? You are the best mom!

Cajsa said...

Wow, sounds like our summer...almost, and now I've decided to take a spur of the moment road trip with the kids to Denver next week. Call me crazy...Aren't the memories great though?