Monday, October 11, 2010

The Geometry Diaries, Day 1

Good Monday Morning, internets.
A few things on my mind this morning:
::I'm subbing at the high school all week thanks to my amazing mother who is home watching my kids so I can earn a bit of fat cash. She is helping us get out of the hole that is The Duplex and I'm so grateful for her help. And I'm grateful for a bit of time away from my routine. A change in the scenery is just what I needed.
::My brother, his wife and their two little ones spent a good chunk of last week with us and it was top notch. My nephew Devin is three months older than Austin so it was a small taste of twins and can I just say? It was enough to last me for quite some time. Mothers Of Twins: Holy cow, I tip my hat to you. It was exhausting but amazing, which I'm sure pretty much describes any given day in your house. And then there's my sweet niece Nadia who was insanely fun to snuggle. Being out of the baby stage and knowing I never have to go there again has given me so much more love for babes.
(This is where I would post pictures if I wasn't at school. Trust me, they're cute.)
::I was asked to share some thoughts at church yesterday and I balled like a baby. Totally took me by surprise as I am not a crier (anymore) but there I was, looking like the Bride of Frankestein with streaky black mascara running down my face. It. was. awesome.
::Friday was one of my dearest friends birthdays and I was unable to see her. I'm so sad about it. My Christy is one heck of an amazing girl. She is larger than life in her spirit, her beauty, her generosity and love of family and life. She has two beautiful daughters and one amazing husband and lives her life in constant pain as she battles a debilitating disease. She is a Warrior Woman and I have learned so many lessons sitting at her feet. I love you dearly Chris and hope your day was filled with all the things you love.
(Erica, since Chris never reads this, forward it on to her, will you?)
::I battled it out with Jillian again this morning and feel so much better than I did last week. The first time, her chatarunga nearly killed me but today I held my own, kind of. My body feels strong and I'm excited to see what kind of progress I make.
::My sister-in-law made homemade buttermilk pancakes yesterday AND homemade buttermilk syrup. It was pretty much heavenly. I'm still thinking about it.
::The best part about subbing at PHS? Time with my hubby which is what I'm off to do now. Happy Monday!


tharker said...

So glad you had a good time with your family! (this is where i would ooh, and ahh over the pictures of baby nadia ;)

I wish I could have heard your talk yesterday (and maybe even wish i could have seen you cry...since it's been like, years ;)

Have a great week at the school! (and tell your mom if she needs to get out of the house, to come on over!)

Sarah said...

That is so great your mom came to help you out this week. You did great yesterday in relief society. I think there is just something about that room that turns the water works on for everybody. Good luck with more Jillian!

Nancie said...

Mom-sitters Rock.
I love pancakes and syrup. tell Jillian she can take a break.

Anonymous said...

I love you to KJ - see I do read it once in a heart is aching for some face time and why are YOU not crying anymore, and I'M crying all the time - something in the universe is way off! I love you - chris

Anonymous said...

Buttermilk syrup? Can't wait to try it.

The Rule Follower said...

Now, ask her WHY she went to your blog today and read it... :)