Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Guaranteed Happy Mail

Yesterday was the most Mondayish Monday I've had in a long time. I subbed at my kid's school, and I never sub on Mondays. It was crazy, I felt rushed from the moment my feet hit the floor and the kids in third grade were wild.

I blame it on the Superbowl.

And I raced home after school with plans to make two simultaneous dinners (one yummy and fatty for the kids and one bland and boring for me and the Rizz) while throwing together some treats because we had some friends coming for FHE.

But I couldn't make the cake I had planned because I was out of oil.

And I couldn't make the other cake I had planned because I was out of almond extract.

So I threw together some brownies and as I scraped them into the pan to bake, I took a lick off the spoon (best. decision. ever) and discovered I hadn't added the sugar. So my brownies would have been horrid. And I would have been mortified.

Because even when my life is crazy, usually because I haven't planned appropriately, I can still throw down some mean FHE treats. And handing out drivel to a family who hadn't been over before would have topped my day off and made my Tuesday achingly Tuesdayish.

Once the brownies were in the oven and the dishes from all the dinners were done, I snuck off to the computer for a minute. I checked my email and found this: an email from the lovely Dandee informing me that I had won her awesome giveaway, thanks to the generosity of April. Did you see how amazing it is? I will be the lucky recipient of some sweet little treasure from April for the next 6 months!

I know!

I'll tell you, the fates were on my side because I rarely win things and was in desperate need of something happy yesterday. And this is the happiest thing I can think of by far. Thanks Dandee for hosting something so great and thanks April for being so willing to share your amazing finds with me. I can hardly wait.

Go check out Dandee and April and make your Tuesday feel so much better.

And this is my 650th post. Can you believe that? I have no idea what I've been talking about for so long but it sure has been fun. Wonder what I'll come up with next!


tharker said...

That's so cool that you won! Six months of happy mail? Yes, please!

Sarah said...

Yesterday was very Mondayish for me as well. This week has been off to a very blah start. I hate being out of ingredient when I'm trying to make something, and without fail things always are off when they are for other people or people are coming over. I'm sure your brownies were still great though!

dandee said...

SO glad my little note helped turn your day around. Happy mail for six months sounds like a dream.

AOlson said...

Hooray for you!! Lucky girl!! Happy mail indeed! Hope you show us each package you receive!!