Monday, February 14, 2011

Worth Setting The Alarm Even Earlier For

I've come to notice that there are two schools of thought regarding Valentine's Day. On one side, you've got your die-hards, The Lovers. Those who love everything about February 14th and spend hours making special Valentines, planning special meals and going out of their way to turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary.

And then there are the others, The Haters, if you will. They turn their back on the over-commercialized, silly, ridiculous excuse to spend-money-and-eat-chocolate-holiday that celebrates an overweight cherub flying around shooting arrows at everyone.

I understand both sides.

I think spending $65 on a dozen roses is insane.

I think cheap chocolatiers who overprice their nasty chocolate to unaware husbands are lame.

I think the card industry charging upwards of $5 for a folded piece of card stock is ridiculous, especially considering that the intended would much rather receive a few heartfelt words scribbled on a napkin.


I think it's VITAL to show your beloved how important they are to you.

I think there aren't many lessons better learned than for children to see their parents love and value one another.

I think nothing makes a child feel better than to know they are loved, fully and wholly, and that if a pile of Hershey's Kisses in the middle of February helps them know that, then so be it.

I think celebrating the everyday is the stuff that makes a happy childhood and builds memories that my kids will remember for a lifetime.

And so while I refuse to buy into the things that the world tells me I need to make my Valentine's Day special, I will spend my day planning surprises and doing a little something extra to let me special ones know how much they mean to me. I will go to classroom parties, decorate my table and make something above and beyond for dinner. I will hug them each again and again and whisper softly how much I love them. I will celebrate Valentine's Day and every other opportunity I have to open my heart and pour out my love to them.

To love and be loved? Nothing better.

This video made it's way into Brad's stocking at Christmas. I love this man to pieces.


Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

I just wanted to let you know that I cried watching your movie. I know, pathetic. But to see you two so happy and in love just gives me more faith and hope for this world. You two are the best. Tell Brad how much I admire and look up to you two. Happy Valentines Day!!

tharker said...

I watched your video in silence (because my lame speakers aren't working) but I enjoyed every second! I love you two!!

Sarah said...

I believe the little things and surprises really do matter to our family too. They'll always look back and think what fun it was. Loved the video too! You guys have lots of great pictures. Happy Valentine's Day!

Mimi said...

your little lovies KNOW you adore every single inch of them. i see it every time they talk about you! today will be extra special for them.

as a long time valentine's hater i totally caved this year because nadia asked tony to be her valentine. i have always tried to make it special for my kids, but i personally found no joy in the day. this year i am because i see it through their eyes. heck, i'm even wearing heart socks!