Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rolling Around In My Head

Take note:

::I am such a pro at having my kids hurl in any and all situations that I barely miss a beat before going into clean up mode. They have vomited EVERYWHERE, today's installment occurring in aisle 4 of Wal-Mart and I merrily kicked into action and got her done. I realize this skill won't get me anywhere fancy in life, but I'm thinking of adding it to my resume.

::I am running another Relay for Life meeting tonight and while my team is relatively small (meaning me and one other dear friend who I signed up with or perhaps without her knowing) I'm chugging full steam ahead. It's going to be great, I'm going to beat last year's numbers and I know I can do it. I can do it!

::I'm hosting a party for my dear friend Sonya tomorrow and if you're local, you should totally come. She has started making the coolest jewelry and accessories around (NOTE: Sarah Sample gushed over the necklace I wore to her last concert, calling it "Fab!") and I'm tickled to help her out. Sonya is one of those people who looks amazing whether she's all dolled up or running around in sweats so you can bet her stuff is gorgeous. Tomorrow night (Thursday) the 24th from 7-9. Come one, come all.

::I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids' after school snack today. I'm also thinking of adding them to my resume. They rock.

::Grandma Boise rolls into town on Friday and my kids are stoked. I'm pretty excited myself. Extra hands in the land of the random purgers is always a good thing.

::I was asked again this morning if I got extensions in my hair. Nope, that Portuguese hairyness has finally been useful and my hair is longer than it has been since about 3rd grade. I'm loving it. It's been so fun to play with. If I look ridiculous, please don't tell me. Yet.

::New York is less than two weeks away. I can hardly stand it.

::My 36th birthday is just over two weeks away. I can hardly stand it.

::Life feels good today. Pukey, stressy, but really, really good.


AOlson said...

I LOVE the Portuguese hairyness. It's very similar to my Mexican hiaryness. Embrace it.

Kudos to you in your puke cleaning glory. I puke at the thought, site or smell of it so I am completely useless when it comes to cleaning it.

So jealous of New York, so looking forward to your birthday.

tharker said...

I am loving your hair long! In fact, every time I see a cute short haircut, (and after I whisper over and over to myself to be strong) I just think of your gorgeous long hair, and I know I can do it. I can get through this icky middle grow out stage. So yes, you are my inspiration!! How was that for a run-on sentence?

I can't wait to see what Sonja has been making! I'm not sure what time I'll get there, because Spencer has a meeting, but I'll be there!!

Ummm, your kids and throwing up...all I have to say is you ARE such a pro. I've seen you in action and I'm so impressed. ;)

36. Eh. You can rock it!

Tam~n~Fam said...

So...I just haven't signed up yet for the Cancer walk cuz I'm a procrastinator. But I'm so there! And sorry about the pukiness, March is almost over. I am jealous about NY, but whatever. ;) Now, I saved the most important of my comments for last: do you share your chocolate chip cookie recipe? Cuz holy crap, you ain't lying...those things ROCK! I had one at Activity Days and have been meaning to ask you. PLEASE send it my way if so!!

Amy said...

I wish I could be there to unload a good 5% of our income on that awesome jewelry that miss Sonja is so talented at. So I'm sure this is one time my husband is super glad we don't live close enough for me to hop on over!

Marilyn said...

I want details about your walk. When? Where? I may be interested :)

Also, are you and your team still considering selling H2O at the race this weekend? Let me know.