Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Never Looked So Good

So, I'm home. From Canada.


I've been home for almost a week and my head is still reeling from my time away. From our initial flight being delayed, causing us to miss our connections, causing us to get re-booked on new flights, causing us to sit in Sea-Tac for five hours waiting for our midnight departure. From the 30 minutes of bumpy, bumpy turbulence coming into DC that made me think we were going to drop from the sky at any moment. From the funeral that was deeply personal to my Granny and quite lovely, as lovely as those things can be. From the amazing Kathleen & Kenny who put mom and I up and spoiled us with chocolate cake and cherry cheesecake and from which I ate repeatedly. From the beauty of Peggy's Cove and the way it stands exactly as I remember it from my childhood. From the best fish & chips I've ever eaten, ever. From the Lobster Risotto that I'm still thinking about. From the connections with cousins that were made once again, and the time spent soaking in their children and families. From the things that were learned, that were hard to learn, but that have made all the difference. From the strength that oozed from my mom as she handled herself with grace. From the biggest lesson of all which is that I come from strong women. Strong women who can handle what needs handling and take it all in stride.

It was exhausting.

It was reaffirming.

It was reminiscent of my Gran and the woman she was.

It was a trip back home, to the place of my mother's people, and it was exactly what I needed.

Mom & Me, before the funeral


Cathy said...

two beautiful women. You got me all teary eyed.

Jenn said...

Welcome home!

Mimi said...

Taking care of it all in stride...reminds me of YOU! We are glad you are home:)

Megan said...

love this pic of you and your mama. what a treasure... the time spent, the memories, and the photo to remember. look amazing, as always!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a roller coaster of emotions. I wish I could have heard you speak at Granny's service. I'm sure she would be proud.

Love ya!