Monday, June 06, 2011


Wasn't yesterday exciting?

It was for me, watching the generosity of the people I know and love come streaming at me through cyberspace. I'm a wee bit jealous that necklace isn't coming to live at my house but I know it's headed someplace perfect. Enjoy, dear friend! And to the lovely April, thank you. I heart you.

Today's item is one of my personal faves and if your home is currently without, get to bidding. My sweet friend Amy has offered up a complete Scentsy package that will get you everything you need to make your house a home. Did you know that research shows that smell is the strongest of our senses and can bring on memories like no other? As in, that-yummy-vanilla-fragrance-of-my-childhood-that-made-me-feel-safe-and-loved and brings me to a happy place even today?

Ok, I made that up, but doesn't it seem like it should be true? I love walking into a space and being greeted with the scent of something lovely; rich and homey in the fall and light and beachy in the spring. Amy's including a little bit of everything so bid on my friends!

Your Scentsy package will include:

A full-sized Farfalle warmer, one of their newest warmers,

and three delicious bars,




Kids, that's a $60 value!

My house was filled with people Saturday night and I had several comments regarding how wonderful it smelled; that would be thanks to Sunkissed Citrus which has been warming for days. My warmer is on daily and I love the way it makes our home feel. If you have yet to use this awesome product in your home, I urge you to bid today. You'll be so tickled you did.

Amy also has a history with cancer. It seems like we can say that about everyone these days. Her grandfather lost his battle with prostate cancer, her grandmother is in the final stages of this horrifying disease, and her husband has lost a grandparent as well. With a family history like that, Amy is doing all she can to help find a cure. Thanks Amy! Your generosity is making a difference.

Don't you want to make a difference as well?

Remember, bidding starts at $10 and will end at 9 pm tonight. Spread the word and as always, thanks for your generosity!

Other donations to Relay for Life can be made by going here.


Tiffany said...

Me first!!! $40.

Hilary said...

I'll go with $60!

PRP said...

My friend Tracy is stuck at baseball so I am bidding for her....she's in for $65!

Hilary said...