Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Friends, I am blown away at everyone's generosity. From those donating their handcrafted wares to those bidding, I thank you from the deepest part of me. Your generosity has overwhelmed me and has made this an incredibly fun & inspiring week for me.

I've had so much positive response that I'll be continuing on this little auction into next week! So many incredible things have come my way and I'm excited to continue to share them with you. You'll love what I have planned!

For today, I asked the incredible Danyelle of Dandee Designs for a little something and she came through, like always, big time. Danyelle is the mother of five little ones, spends her days tending to her family and loving the life she's created. She is gracious and warm and brings an element of old world charm with her wherever she goes. I love that about her. She thought it over for a day or so because if there's one thing Danyelle is an expert at, it's paying attention to the details and she wanted to choose something that would fit my readers to a T. As with everything else that has been offered this week, I find myself wanting to snag this one for myself. For one lucky reader, Danyelle is offering a customized stationary kit, and her attention to details makes this a treasure.

Each kit will be personalized to the highest bidder and will contain the following:

-lined notepad
-miniature memory game (could be useful in babysitting, yes?)
-assorted trims
-Japanese masking tape
-tiny pencils
-personalized letter writing paper
-spools of colored bakers twine
-cute stickers
-tiny mushrooms

And one of my favorite things about this kit and Danyelle, is that I promise she will tuck in a surprise or two. She always does.

Wouldn't this be lovely for your daughter to use this summer, writing to friends near and far? Or for your nephew who is getting ready to leave for college? Or for yourself, because you value the written word and know that there aren't many things as special as a hand-written note. I'm incredibly close to my goal and I just know that this sweet kit will get me there.

Need another reason to bid?

Meet Jim.

Jim was the uncle of one of my very favorite people, my dear friend Michele. He was a big man, towering well over 6 feet tall, but was as gentle as a giant. His hugs were warm and welcoming and his smile always made me feel better. He loved his family fiercely and spent his life living exactly how one should; doing the things that matter most and not worrying about the rest. Here is what Michele says about this wonderful man:

Jim was an avid outdoor enthusiast and a high school counselor. He spoke 3 languages fluently, had a beautiful voice, loved God and fought for social justice. He was a son, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, great uncle. Jim was family man. All felt welcome in his presence. He had been on a week long hiking trip, around Mt. Rainier, the week before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed in August of 2010. He vigilantly fought until the day he died, February, 15th 2010.

Cancer took Jim away in six short months. His family grieves for him as does anyone who knew him. I miss him and the example he was for me.

Bid today on this lovely kit and treat yourself to something wonderful this summer. Your donation goes directly to the American Cancer Society and will make a difference. I promise.

Bidding starts at $10 and will end tonight at 9 pm.

Thanks friends.


Amy said...

I'll gladly bid $10! :)

Heather said...


Lisa said...


Mimi said...


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Kati said...

$38 for the pretty.

e said...

Make it an even $50. I wear a bracelet daily for a friend fighting cancer--he's my reason for bidding today!

PRP said...

Wow E, thank you! Shoot me an email and I'll get this lovely kit headed your way.

PRP said...

E, I can't find you! Please get in touch with me today or I'll be letting the next bidder have the stationary kit. Thanks so much!

e said...

I'm so sorry I just saw this again!!!
emailing now. :D