Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today is a day of celebrating around these parts because our little ones are finally out of school! I'm so anxious for the bell to ring at 11:30 I can hardly stand it! And I get the added bonus of having my sweet husband home all summer as well. Everyone keeps asking where we're off to first and believe it or not, our calendar is pretty clear. We'll be sticking around these parts and enjoying everything this place has to offer. Backyard BBQ's by the pool, playing in the river with friends...we can hardly wait!

Someone else who will be enjoying a leisurely summer at home with her sweet family is my friend Tiffani. Tiffani and I became fast friends when we moved to P-town and have been enjoying each other ever since. She is married to a Spencer and has a Hannah, and I have a Hannah and a Spencer, so we've had lots of fun over the years repeating the same names over and over again. Tiffani is a warm and kind mother, the kind who always greets her kids from school with something yummy & fresh out of the oven. If you haven't yet sampled Tiffani's amazing baking skills, today might just be your day.

For my 6th auction, Tiffani is offering up her homemade, amazingly decadent and delish Buckyeye cake. Chocolate and Peanut butter? Ganache frosting? Um, yeah, I'll take one please. And what would be better to celebrate this last day of school than serving up this beauty for your family tonight? You'll come off like a rock star and get a little slice of heaven yourself. I've had this cake a time or two and lurve it so. If you love rich, decadent, silky smooth treats, this baby is for you.

And Tiffani, who had a sick baby yesterday has made this lovely fresh for you and will be delivered to the winning bidder later today. School's out and the chocolate is waiting? Sounds like the perfect start to summer to me.

Bidding starts at $10 ladies (and gents) and is obviously only open to local bidders today. If you want to make a donation anyway, please head here.


EDIT: I'll be ending this auction at 4 pm today so that I'll have time to drop it to your sweet family before dinner...sound good?


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Anonymous said...

$30 and an extra $20 if Tiffani delivers the cake without the calories! :-)

Danielle B.

Susi Daw said...

$35! I need to gain some weight!

Jessica said...

Peanut butter and chocolate, a prego belly and 2 very stressful weeks? I'll take it! $45

What time does bidding end today??

Jessica said...

Just say the edit on the post? :) Thx!

Jessica said...

You are so welcome! And the cake is sooo YUMMY! Thank-you for being such an inspiring woman, I love how much you give back, a great example to me!