Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday's auction item came to me at the last minute and ended up being my highest bid so far! I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I am so overwhelmed by everyone. I wish you could all be on the receiving end of this's the most amazing thing.

And to Tiffany, you rock my dear! The story of you and your sister is so incredible and I'm so thrilled to know you. Thank you so much for being so awesome and generous.

Today's item has also come at me at as I'm nearing the end of this incredible run, but I wanted to offer it up because, well, it's the bomb. My sweet friend Annette (can you believe how many phenomenal women I have in my life?) texted me last night and said "I don't know if it's lame or not, but I'd love to donate one of my cakes!" Um, yeah, these cakes are anything but lame. They are so creative and fun that you're special someone will be smiling from ear to ear. For the highest bidder, Annette if offering one of her custom birthday cakes. Whether for kids or adults, her cakes do not disappoint.

That Tangled cake kills me with the braid all the way around the bottom and the Toy Story cake..well, I know of someone turning three on Saturday and that would pretty much make his day.

My favorite thing about today's auction it that Annette isn't a professional chef; she hasn't trained in the art of cake making. She is a mom who loves doing this and wants to offer up her skills in the fight against cancer. Annette, your passion and willingness to help is inspiring and I'm so glad to call you friend! This cake is valued at $65 and I know we can do better than that. Let's show the cancer community just how much us moms can do!

One last note: tomorrow is my last auction, I promise! So if you've been waiting to snag something up, today and tomorrow are your last chances. Our Relay takes place tomorrow night and I can't wait to hit the track with this generosity high I'm riding on! Thanks so much everyone!

Bidding starts at $10 and will end at 9 pm. Click here to get rid of some of that loose change you've been carrying around.


Kelly said...

I'm bidding $30. Adorable, adorable cakes!!

The Neff Family said...

Annette's cakes are AMAZING! Pure talent!
I'll bid $40!

Jenn said...

My baby girl is turning 4 next month and would pretty much think I'm the best mom evah with that tangled cake! $50

PRP said...

Congrats Jenn! Ivy will love it for sure. Please click on the link to make your donation and I'll get you in touch with Annette!